Crusty White Dogs: Breeds, Memes, and Care

Crusty White Dogs: Breeds, Memes, and Care

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The internet has a curious penchant for creating trends and memes, and among its latest obsessions is the enigmatic world of “crusty white dogs.” You might have stumbled upon this phrase online or perhaps encountered these tiny, white, four-legged companions at your grandparents’ house. In this article, we’ll look into the “crusty white dog” trend, find out which breeds are behind it, and learn how to keep your dog from getting those annoying red eye stains.


What Are Crusty White Dogs?


Twitter and TikTok were the birthplaces of the “crusty white dog” meme. The meme is as straightforward as it gets—users playfully comment on the appearance of elderly, small-breed dogs often associated with affluent white families or cherished by grandparents. Over the years, the “crusty white dog” meme has gained significant popularity.


But what exactly are these dogs? Formally known as Bichon Frises, they belong to a small breed of lap dogs characterized by their naturally white coats. Standing at around 8-12 inches tall and weighing between 8-18 pounds, these dogs are renowned for their cheerful and lively personalities. Their combination of intelligence and sociability makes them ideal pets for any household.


These charming white dogs tend to be associated with names like Luna or Bella. They are frequently depicted in memes as being the pets of wealthy, white women.


Maltese Terriers: Another Type of Crusty White Dog


Maltese Terriers are another delightful category of crusty white dogs. These small canines measure about 8-10 inches in height and weigh between 4-7 pounds. Adorned with a fluffy, silky, and wavy white coat, they share similar traits with Bichon Frises. They make wonderful companion animals because of their high intelligence and outgoing personality.


However, both Maltese Terriers and Bichon Frises are prone to tear staining, which contributes to the “crusty white dog” appearance. These adorable dogs are frequently featured on people’s social media accounts.


The Crusty White Dog Meme Has Taken Off


The crusty white dog meme gained momentum when Twitter users humorously observed that every affluent white influencer woman seemed to own one of these dogs. TikTok users chimed in, pointing out that despite the dogs’ often unkempt appearance, they were praised as the cutest, most fashionable pets. The fact that these affluent dogs always look dirty helped the meme gain traction online as a humorous commentary on that class of people’s way of life.


What Breed are Crusty White Dogs?



Several dog breeds are susceptible to developing crusty eyes, contributing to the “crusty white dog” look. Some of these breeds include:


The eyes of Maltese dogs, famous for their long, plush coats and friendly demeanor, can sometimes look crusty due to tear staining or eye discharge.


Poodles come in a wide range of sizes and colors, but all poodles, including those with white coats and dark eyes, are susceptible to tear staining.


Although Bichon Frises often have dark eyes, tear staining and eye discharge can cause them to become crusty.


The Shih Tzu is a small dog with a long, silky white coat and dark eyes that can sometimes develop crusts.


Tear staining is not uncommon in the West Highland White Terrier, a small white dog with a coarse coat and dark eyes.


Why Do Small White Dogs Get Crusty Eyes?


what-breed-are-crusty-white-dogs. why do white dogs get crusty eyes?


Causes of crusty eyes in small white dog breeds include allergies, blocked tear ducts, debris, or foreign object irritation. For proper diagnosis and treatment of canine eye problems, pet owners should always consult a veterinarian.

What Foods Cause Tear Stains In Dogs? 


Caring for Your Crusty White Dog


Crusty white dogs require meticulous care to prevent and manage tear staining and crusty eyes. Here are some essential tips:


Regular Bathing: Bathe your dog regularly using gentle dog shampoo and conditioner. This helps maintain a clean and luxurious white coat while reducing irritation and preserving skin health.


Daily Brushing: Brush your dog’s white fur daily to prevent tangles and knots, which are common in white fur. This practice also reduces crusty eye patches, keeping them healthy and refreshed.


Moisturization: Apply a gentle moisturizer to your dog’s white fur every other day to protect their skin and prevent crusty issues.


Humid Environment: Ensure your home has a warm, humid environment, as dry conditions can exacerbate crusty eye problems in white dogs.


Personality Traits of Crusty White Dogs


Crusty white dogs, such as Maltese and Bichon Frises, share several endearing personality traits:













These traits make them excellent companions, whether for families or individuals.


Are Crusty White Dogs Good Pets?


While Maltese dogs, Bichon Frises, and Shih Tzus, among others, are prone to crusty eyes, they still make wonderful pets despite this. Because of their low shedding and affable nature, they are a good choice for people who suffer from allergies to dogs. But they need attention, exercise, and grooming on a regular basis just like any other dog.


Crusty white dogs, despite the discoloration around their eyes, make wonderful pets and deserve our affection. Dogs of any shape or size deserve the love and care of their owners.


So, embrace these charming canines, and remember that beneath the eye stains lies a loving heart ready to be your loyal friend.

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