17 Most Popular Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don’t Shed

17 Most Popular Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don’t Shed

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Dogs make excellent pets and companions. As Spending time with dogs is fun, but cleaning up the dog hair that they shed during the day is never very enjoyable.
Dog hair can be found on your clothes, furniture, carpets, and beds. There is no such thing as a non-shedding dog. However, there are a few small purebred and mixed-breed dogs that aren’t considered shedders because they lose so little hair that it’s not noticeable.

Choosing the appropriate dog for the right place is an essential part of creating a good home. There are still plenty of attractive alternatives for those of us with smaller yards who also want a dog with the least amount of shedding. Here are 17 tiny dog breeds that stay small and don’t shed.




Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The Basenji is a little hound breed from central Africa with a short, silky coat. Basenjis can be very fierce when it comes to protecting their family. Being the best companions requires a lot of early socialization with other people.

This is a tiny breed with a high prey drive and an endless supply of energy; they are innovative, cunning, and clever dog. They have no identifiable odor and shed very little. Despite being generally intelligent dogs, Basenjis are challenging to train. To bring out their best qualities, you have to be creative and patient with them.


Basenjis are known as the “bark less dog.” They are very easy to clean and groom, and all it takes is a quick swipe with linen or brush once or twice a week. Basenjis spend a lot of time like cats grooming and carefully licking their fur.



Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

Bolognese is an excellent companion dog, sensitive and caring. As little as they are, they’re jam-packed with personality. Because of their very fluffy coats, they stand out in a group. They don’t shed. Instead, they need daily grooming to get rid of the dead hairs.

The peaceful Bolognese, recognized for its calm personality and affectionate nature toward humans, can make an excellent family pet. For these dogs, being alone for lengthy periods isn’t a big deal. Owners should teach these canines through positive reinforcement rather than severe corrections. Make sure you do this and have a loyal, well-behaved family member.

Chinese Crested 

Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

There are two kinds of this breed: one with no hair and one with a long, full coat called a “powderpuff.” Except for the way they seem, both the hairless and powderpuff dogs might come from the same litter. But because they don’t have hair, they need more care.


This breed doesn’t shed a lot because it doesn’t have a lot of hair. A lot of its body doesn’t have hair. Some have a coat with fine hair, but even this hair doesn’t shed much and doesn’t count.



Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The Havanese is a little dog that doesn’t need a lot of room or activity; he’s a great companion for individuals who live in cities and flats. The Cuban dog has a big personality. They don’t shed at all, but these tiny dogs need to be brushed frequently because of their thick hair.

It is an understatement to say that Havanese are charming. As an extrovert, this pup is eager to please and easy to teach. He would be a great addition to a family, and he gets along well with kids and animals of all sizes.


Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The Lhasa is distinguished by its long, straight, thick coat and trademark hair part, which gives her lion-like tresses to match her lionhearted attitude. This hairy dog breed is well-known for its luxurious coat.

These cute small dogs with minimal shedding have an above-average lifetime, and therefore owners should expect to brush them frequently to maintain their happiness and health. Despite their tiny stature, Lhasas are sturdy dogs with an elegant demeanor.

Although they don’t shed, Pet parents must clean their coats regularly. To keep up with the constant growth of their coat, they’ll need to be groomed frequently.


Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The poodle is a member of the non-sporting group that is very smart, active, and friendly. It comes from Germany and is known for its curly coat and three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. These dogs of all sizes are recognized to be of the same breed.


They are easy to train, don’t cause allergies, and don’t smell too bad, so they work well in most homes. Even though their curly coats don’t shed much and are almost hypoallergenic, they need a lot of care and grooming. You can’t go wrong with one of these gentle pups if you’ve got the time and finances.



Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The affenpinscher is a German toy dog breed with wiry, short to medium-length hair and a face. They are tiny and cute. Even though the affenpinscher is small enough to be a toy breed, he acts like a boss. Their fur is thick and fuzzy. But they don’t shed, and their coats don’t even need much care.

The affenpinscher has a lot of character and loves to do funny things. Even though you probably don’t see them very often at your local dog park, when you do, it will leave a lasting impression.
This dog can be stubborn and doesn’t always want to do what it’s told, but it’s usually very loving with its family.


Shih Tzu


an elegant Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The Shih Tzu is a tiny dog with a thick double-haired coat. Among toy dog owners, this breed is a popular choice because of its alert, confident, playful, and fearless nature. As a lap dog to the aristocracy, the Shih Tzu has a long and rich history.


An energetic and active Shih Tzu will need your undivided attention, so be sure you have enough to spare. Inbred for companionship rather than hunting or herding, Shih Tzus want to be close to their owners.


This Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small is most likely one of the most popular non-shedding little dogs. In the opinion of most Shih Tzu owners, the breed is one of the most adorable.


Bichons Frise 

Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

Bichons have a powder-puff coat similar to poodles, with silky yet curly outer hair and a soft undercoat. This dog of tiny dog breed does not shed at all.

The bichon is a little bit longer than it is tall. These canines are tiny and don’t even reach a foot and a half height.

Bichons tend to be very playful and loving, and they love being around people. They’re also an excellent fit for families with children and other pets. They are pretty easy to train and don’t usually bark a lot.


Brussels Griffon 

Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The Brussels Griffon is a tiny dog breed named for Brussels. There are three distinct breeds of Griffon Bruxellois, and neither of them, however, sheds.


Despite their tiny stature, these dogs are known for their strength and agility. The Brussels griffon is known for its high level of activity. They don’t perform well in kennels and would much rather be at home with their family.


They may be aggressive and demanding, and those who live in apartments or houses with little backyards can consider this tiny dog breed an excellent option. However, they do need regular activity.


They are usually genius and stubborn. When teaching these Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay Small And Don’t Shed, you’ll need to be patient because they resist harsh punishment.


Coton de Tulear

Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

There is a genetic link between the Maltese and the Bichon Frise to this intelligent tiny dog with cottony hair that originated in Madagascar. Cotons are affectionate, versatile dogs that get along with everyone.


This breed can only reach a maximum weight of 13 pounds. Their coat has the appearance of cotton, which is where the word “cotton” comes from in their name. The Coton de Tulear needs to have its coat combed at least three times a week due to its long, dense hair, yet it has a different coat that doesn’t shed.


They can adjust to different living situations, but they don’t like being alone and can get anxious when they are.


Shih poo 

The Most Popular Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

Shih poos are a hybrid of a Shih Tzu and a toy poodle. Shih poos are small to tiny dogs that stand between eight and 18 inches tall at the withers and weigh between eight and 18 pounds.


Their coat can be long, straight, and silky like a Shih Tzu’s, short and curly like a poodle’s, or anywhere in between. Despite their appearance, Shih poos have a low shedding coat, making them ideal for people with minor pet allergies.


Although they may acquire their Shih Tzu parent’s stubbornness, Shih poos are frequently friendly, lively, and quick-witted little charmers. Due to this, they often require a firm but patient trainer and may not be the most outstanding choice for first-time dog owners.


Yorkshire Terrier 

 Yorkshire Terrier is one of a Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

It is A one-of-a-kind breed that combines terriers with toy dogs. From its little Scottish terrier beginning, the Yorkshire terrier was transformed by Scottish weavers into the small lapdog it is today in Yorkshire, England.

They are well-suited to living everywhere due to their adaptability as dogs. They don’t shed since their fur is similar to human hair. They tend to be very loud, protective, and loyal.

This nonshedding breed may also make excellent guard dogs despite their small stature. Yorkies are more than just a cuddle buddy, and this breed tends to be obnoxious and inflexible. For the Yorkie, early socialization with people and other dogs is critical because it can help control the Yorkie’s exuberant personality.


West Highland White Terrier 

West Highland White Terrier is one of a Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The West Highland white terrier, often known as the Westie, is a tiny terrier dog from Scotland with a medium-length pure white coat.

Westies are like any other terrier, and they are intelligent, independent, and rather obstinate. All Westie puppies should be socialized with other dogs and other pets from an early age. They don’t need as much attention as other breeds, and they will chase anything that moves.

These dogs still have a solid connection to their hunting heritage and thrive when given lots of exercises. Since they were made to hunt on their own, they aren’t easy to train. Their attention span isn’t nearly as excellent as other dogs’ when it comes to training, but they are incredibly obedient and put up a lot of effort.


Scottish Terriers 

Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

Scottish terriers are tiny terrier dog breeds that have more fur around their legs and lower bodies and a medium-length silky coat with their distinctive beard. They are often called a big dog in a small dog’s body.

Scotties need a little bit of exercise every day and enough mental stimulation. They also need regular training, socializing, and more than just the most essential grooming.

Scottish terriers were initially bred to hunt small animals living in underground dens. Because of this, they are natural diggers and should not be let out of a fenced-in yard. Additionally, keeping them on a leash while not in a contained location is advisable.


Miniature Schnauzer 

Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

Originally from Germany, the miniature schnauzer is a little terrier dog breed with a bushy beard and eyebrows, a square frame, and a medium-length coat. Miniature Schnauzers are incredibly adaptive, and they can live just as contentedly in a metropolitan apartment where they get a few daily walks on a large country estate.

Miniature schnauzers are energetic dogs that are perfect for households with well-behaved kids. In addition, they are renowned for being submissive, quick learners and loyal to their human families.
These dogs are the best choice for anyone with allergies to other breeds because they do not shed. They do, however, require regular grooming, including frequent brushing, hair and nail cutting, and periodic clipping and stripping.



Maltese are a beautiful Tiny Dog Breeds That Stay small And Don't Shed

The Maltese are a small, loving breed of toy dog that originated in the Mediterranean and is distinguished by its distinctive silky, white fur that draws attention to its large, black eyes.
The Maltese are kind, loving, wise, responsive, and trustworthy.


Maltese are energetic, playful, and active dogs that make excellent family pets. They also like picking up new tricks. When dealing with noisy kids, they can be grumpy. The Maltese’s small stature betrays their fearless presence. Being extremely vigilant, the Maltese reacts to strange noises with a barrage of barking.

It does take some extensive maintenance, but for those who prefer a dog that sheds little, it can be an excellent option.



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