Black Maltese: Everything You Need To Know

Black Maltese: Everything You Need To Know

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Dogs have been faithful companions to humans since ancient times, and their history is intertwined with ours. The Black Maltese dog, an old breed dating back 2900 years, still thrives today.


These dogs are known for their long, silky hair; the black variation adds a unique touch to their beauty. Have you ever wondered if Black Maltese are real?


Did you know that there are black Maltese dogs? Despite their typical white coat, these adorable pups can also rock a sleek and stunning black look. Discover the captivating traits, fascinating facts, and attractive appearance of the black Maltese dog in this article.


Do Black Maltese Dogs Exist?


Yes, Black Malteses do exist. However, they are mixed Maltese breeds. A black Maltese is obtained by crossbreeding a Maltese with other small, dark-colored breeds. According to the American Kennel Club standards, a purebred Maltese should ideally have exclusively white fur.


Purebred Maltese dogs can have tan or lemon-colored spots on their ears, but they cannot have dark streaks or completely black coat color.


Black markings may also appear on the lips, nose, eyes, and paw pads.

Be cautious of websites that advertise for black Maltese dogs, as they are probably advertising a mixed breed.


What Does a Black Maltese Look Like?


At just 4-6 pounds, the Maltese is a tiny toy breed. Pet owners increasingly opt for short, flowing, pure-white coats to simplify maintenance. Even if it doesn’t slide off their body, the more extended cut might still end up on the floor. Pet owners who appreciate style often pull the hair around their pets’ faces into a top knot adorned with a bow.


The ideal coat texture for this breed is sleek, without any curls or kinks, as stated in the official breed standards. Additionally, their minimal shedding is consistent regardless of hair length.


The nose and eyes of a Maltese are dark, possibly even black. Their heads are rounder and have medium-length noses compared to other breeds. The Maltese has long, feathery hair on its low-set ears.


The Story of the Maltese Dog Breed


The Maltese Spaniel, an ancient breed, appeared almost 29 centuries ago. This dog is from Malta, a small island south of Sicily. The French nobility adored the Maltese dog in the fifteenth century and it was also popular among the British. This breed became renowned as the perfect pet for ladies and royalty in just a century.


The Maltese breed almost disappeared when the Roman Empire fell. Attempts to breed more miniature Maltese dogs were unsuccessful, but they did result in the development of various new dog breeds. This breed reappeared in the 1800s and is still known as the perfect companion and best friend for humans.


Cute Black Maltese Puppy


Dog owners adore the Black Maltese Puppy for its charming personality and adorable appearance. These cute puppies have a beautiful black coat, thanks to a mix of Maltese and the black coat gene.


Black Maltese puppies are known for being friendly and outgoing. They are an excellent fit for active people due to their intelligence and trainability. Small in size, big in heart. Choose a Black Maltese puppy for endless playfulness and affection.


Are Black Maltese Dogs Purebred?


Black Maltese puppies are not purebred. Designer breeds are created by crossing Maltese dogs with darker-colored breeds such as Poodles, Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, etc.


The AKC recognizes white as the sole color for a genuine Maltese purebred.

Black Maltese dogs have diverse combinations, each possessing unique qualities. Some have solid black fur, while others have a mix of black and white.


Designer breeds cannot participate in dog shows or events as they are not eligible for registration. Owners can still register them with organizations like the International Designer Canine Registry and American Canine Hybrid Club, even if they are not purebred Maltese.


Breeds of Black Maltese Dogs


There are different breeds of black Maltese dogs. Now let’s explore them in more detail.


Black Maltipoo


Black Maltese are not purebred.

A Black Moodle, a mix of Maltese and Poodle, enjoying freedom in an off-leash dog park.


The black Maltipoo also called the black Maltese Poo, is a charming mix of a Maltese and a miniature Poodle. Their fur is soft and fluffy, similar to wool. This breed usually has a low-shedding coat with minimal dandruff. They are available in ink-black, cream, and white. White, silver, or blue hair is also possible.


Black Malachi


Chihuahua dog

A Chihuahua dog lounging on the carpet


The black Malchi is a mixed breed that comes from crossing a Maltese with a Chihuahua. The length of Malachi’s coat depends on the dominant gene from one of the parents. They commonly have black coats with white or cream markings on their faces, undersides, and legs.


Malchis possess fascinating traits beyond their coat color. They can inherit either the flapping ears of the Maltese or the upright ears of the Chihuahua. No doubt, they are charming.


Black Malshi


 poodle puppies

Two black toy poodle puppies wearing tied bows.


The black Malshi is a small dog breed with a black coat. The Malshi Maltese is a charming blend of the Maltese and Shih Tzu breeds. Their coats are usually longer than their parents’ breeds, but they resemble either parent. Regularly brushing their fur will keep them looking beautiful and prevent hair from building up in their mats and food areas.


If they want shorter hair, owners can cut their dog’s coat. These dogs require a haircut every six months as part of their regular grooming routine. Make sure to bathe your pets once a week.


Black Morkie


Black Maltese dogs have diverse combinations, each possessing unique qualities

Morkie puppy enjoying a treat outdoors on the grass


The Black Morkie is created by breeding a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier. Crossbreeding changes coat color, resulting in adult Black Morkies with slightly faded black hair. Studies indicate they typically do not shed much, but many owners suggest regular brushing to prevent hair tangling. Breeders trim the dog’s coat for easy upkeep.


Black Morkies can also give birth to black teacup Maltese puppies, adding to their unique characteristics. They typically weigh between 4 and 8 pounds when fully grown and stand at 6 to 8 inches.


Black Maltipom


Black Maltese

A beige Maltipoo puppy on a black background


It is introducing the Black Maltipom: a stylish and adorable mixed breed dog that combines the best qualities of Maltese and Pomeranian.


The black Maltipom is a charming and unique breed that is a delightful blend of Maltese and Pomeranian. The coat color of this breed varies depending on the parents’ traits. The Maltipom usually has a long, silky soft, straight hair coat. This breed sheds very little. However, the sorts of hair may differ. Anyone can have curly hair; it is not exclusive to a particular group.


Black Maltese Mix


The Maltese mix black is a unique and stylish dog breed that blends the traits of the Maltese with those of a species with a black coat. These little dogs have smooth, fluffy black coats. Due to their friendly and lively nature, they make great companions for families and individuals.


Black Maltese Mixed-breed dogs with black fur can inherit traits from their parent breeds. Understanding these traits is crucial in determining if they align well with your lifestyle. These cute puppies can become loyal and devoted companions with proper training and socialization.


Do Black Maltese Puppies Change Color as They Age?


Puppy owners often observe their furry companions’ coat colors evolving as they mature. Do black Maltese puppies experience the same effects? Discover it.


Due to the significant variation among mixed breeds, this question has no universal answer. As Black Maltipoo puppies mature, their coats may lighten or change color. This process is often called “clearing.”


Babies usually reach this stage at around 6 to 8 months old. The black Morkie, Malshi, and Maltipom puppies share the same characteristic.


Black Malchis may have subtle or unnoticeable discoloration. Their coat color can remain unchanged from birth to adulthood.


Is Black Maltese Good for Families?


A dog’s coat color does not affect its behavior, especially toward family members. Their parents primarily influence the temperament of a black Maltese mix.


Maltese dogs are renowned for their trust, affection, and gentle nature. As family pets, they are lively, playful, and intelligent. They enjoy learning new tricks but occasionally display independence and indifference.


Dogs may respond by barking, growling, or biting when sensing danger, particularly from small children. Due to this, they are not advised for families with young children. Early socialization is highly recommended.


Now, the question is whether your black Maltese will inherit the same temperament or adopt the behavior of its other parent. Sometimes, it can be a mix of both.

Maltipoos often form strong bonds with their owners, leading to separation anxiety. They thrive when a family member is always present. Seniors and remote workers find them ideal companions.

Malshis and Maltipoms exhibit similar behavior.

In contrast, Malchis are renowned for their lively temperament and strong protective instincts. Although they lack patience with children, they are unafraid to defend themselves against threats.


Are Black Maltese Dogs Rare?


Black Maltese dogs are rare because of their unique breeding practices and lack of recognition by the AKC. Finding a breeder who exclusively deals with black Maltese dogs may be more challenging than finding a breeder for purebred dogs.


To breed designer dogs, breeders must select a puppy with a dominant black gene to mate with a purebred white Maltese. However, breeding this combination sometimes does not produce a pure black dog breed.


The only way to get a black Maltese puppy is by luck.


How Much Does a Black Maltese Cost?


Black Maltese designer dogs are generally pricier than purebred dogs. The breeder’s goal is to breed small dogs with small litter. Breeding becomes more complex.


The cost of a black Maltese puppy can range from $300 to $4,000, depending on whether you adopt or buy from a breeder.


The typical price range for Maltipoo breeders is $1,000 to $4,000. The regular price range for Malshis is $1,300 to $1,600.


The price range for Maltipoms is typically $600 to $1,500. The price range for Malchis is $500 to $1,000.


Initial expenses such as food, crate, carrier, leash, and microchipping are not included.

Please include medical expenses like checkups, vaccines, deworming, and blood tests. The additional cost could range from $360 to $500.


Are Black Maltese Dogs High Maintenance?


Black Maltese dogs have high-maintenance coats. If your puppy has long, silky hair like its Maltese parent, it will need regular maintenance.


Brush their hair every other day and schedule a monthly grooming salon visit. Giving baths once a month and daily brushing their teeth is essential.


Daily brushing is necessary for pups with wavy or curly hair to prevent tangles and knots.


Are Black Maltese Dogs Healthy?


Black Maltese dogs typically live for 10 to 15 years, but, like other Maltese colors, they may be susceptible to specific health problems. Black Maltese mixes, being crossbreeds, can inherit typical health conditions from their parent breeds.


Patellar luxation, the dislocation of the kneecap, is a common health issue in small designer breeds such as black Maltese dogs. Owners should watch out for occasional limping or signs of difficulty when their pet carries weight on one leg.


Maltese dogs may also suffer from Shaker Syndrome, a condition characterized by repetitive and involuntary tremors in specific body parts or the entire body.

Maltese dogs can also be affected by glaucoma, characterized by increased eye pressure.




Which breed of dog is known as black and brown Maltese?

The majority of Maltese dogs have white or cream coat. While Maltese dogs are typically white, occasional reports of black and brown variations have occurred. The coloring may be due to a crossbreeding between a Maltese and another breed. Please note that the American Kennel Club and other major kennel groups do not recognize black and brown Maltese as an accepted color.


What is the average size of a black Maltese dog?

Maltese dogs typically grow to be around seven to twelve inches tall and weigh between four to eight pounds. They are the perfect size for cuddling on your lap. Their long, silky white coat, which drapes to the ground, is their most famous feature.


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