Effective Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair

Effective Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair

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Matting is a result of knots and tangles in your dog’s fur. It’s uncomfortable and can be a sign or cause of other health problems, like skin irritations or infections. Mats prevent your dog’s hair from breathing, trapping moisture that can lead to skin irritation and even blisters. Some dog coats are high-maintenance and prone to matting than others.


Finding a solution to make your dog beautiful again is difficult. Since you want your dog to look its best without breaking the bank, I will provide the most effective home remedies for matted dog hair.


What Causes Matted Dog Fur?


 Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair, Common household products can be used to create a detangling spray or conditioner.


Mats are made when dog fur gets tangled and wraps around itself. This makes clumps of loose dead hair and live fur that are tightly wound. They trap more fur without regular brushing, eventually exposing the dog’s skin. Mats often form in friction-prone locations, including the collar area, behind the ears, under the chin, the armpits, the harness, the feet, and the back of the rear legs.


During the “blowing coat” phase of a dog’s yearly shedding, matting can become more common when they lose their winter coat in preparation for their summer coat, or vice versa. A buildup of matting and pelting can occur if stray fur isn’t brushed away regularly. Mats are more common on dogs that enjoy swimming because the water makes their hair curl and dry tangled. Matting is common in washed but unbrushed dogs.


Any dog with long hair or a double coat is at risk for matting, but if you ask any poodle owner, you’ll know that poodles are more prone to this problem. Due to their hybrid nature, doodle coats are more prone to matting than other coats. Curly-coated breeds like Poodles and Bichon Frises have a similar problem if their coats aren’t regularly brushed. Long-coated dog breeds like Bearded Collies and Rough Coat Collies are similarly affected.



Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair


Use Coconut Oil


A homemade detangler can be made using aloe vera gel and coconut oil to detangle hair effectively. Mix the two ingredients in a bottle, shake well, and apply generously to each clump of hair. Massage the oil mixture and follow the steps to detangle the hair successfully.


Detangling dog hair can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to dealing with mats and tangles. Using coconut oil as a detangler is an effective method.


Before you begin, ensure you have all the tools you need for the process. This includes de-matting brushes and metal matting combs. These tools are designed to get through dense mats without causing the dog any discomfort. Investing in high-quality combs explicitly made for dog hair is crucial.


Now that you have the necessary tools, it’s time to find the tangled spots on your furry friend’s coat. It’s best to focus on only one place at a time to reduce stress and confusion.


To evaluate the matting level, carefully comb through the coat using a metal comb. This will help you pinpoint the areas that require your attention. When grooming your dog, it’s important to be extra cautious when dealing with clumps of fur near the skin.


Rushing through the detangling process can cause discomfort or pain for your furry friend. Detangling dog hair with coconut oil requires patience, caution, and gentle handling.


 Use Olive Oil


Both human and canine skin benefit significantly from olive oil. It keeps skin supple by moisturizing it. Apply it to the matted hair and work it in with your fingers or a soft brush. Soak for five minutes, then wipe off with a wet washcloth.


Olive oil helps relieve matted hair’s dryness and itching, yet it’s gentle enough for puppies that need to go outside. To avoid discomfort, keep getting it in your dog’s eyes.


Use Cornstarch


If your dog’s fur gets matted, try applying cornstarch and massaging it. Cornstarch is a good option! Because of its ability to absorb oils, cornstarch can be used as a proper at-home remedy for greasy matting. Since it is alkaline, it reduces the skin’s acidity and eliminates foul odors.


To use, first, sprinkle cornstarch over any clamped and matted surfaces. Be gentle as you work it in with your fingertips since you don’t want to hurt the dog. Pick a mat at a time and give it a good brushing. Try not to overextend yourself or feel compelled to rush. Your dog may experience pain from some mats that are too close to the skin.


Brush the dog’s coat to remove any tangles, then gently wash it with an organic shampoo while brushing the coat. Use a dog conditioner and rinse to maintain the coat’s luster and softness.


Homemade Dog Hair Conditioner


Many everyday household items can significantly affect your dog’s hair, whether you’re trying to remove knots or add gloss and strength. To that end, by making a conditioner at home, you can save money and give your dog a better coat.


Several natural remedies for dog hair care include aloe vera, rosemary, and even egg. However, coconut oil is the most fantastic all-natural solution for untangling matted dog hair. The following is a recipe for a coconut oil-based detangler or conditioner for your dog’s fur.


Coconut Oil Detangler for Dogs


 Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair, Common household products can be used to create a detangling spray or conditioner.


Extra virgin coconut oil improves a dog’s sheen, smoothness, and hydration when applied to a dog’s hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it helpful in preventing itching and dry skin by restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance. In addition, coconut oil is an excellent all-natural detangler for matt-prone dog hair.


Make Your Detangler for Your Dog’s Long Hair


DIY dog hair detangler 1: mix 1 tbsp of extra-virgin coconut oil with 2 tbsp of warm water. Once the solution has cooled, spread it over the dog’s matted hair with a damp cloth, rubbing the conditioner into the tangles.


Let it on for a few minutes, and then try combing the knots. The final step is using a dog-specific shampoo to remove any remaining oil from the dog’s fur. The fur may become much more tangled if the oil is left on it.



DIY dog hair detangler 2:  Start by bringing 4 cups of water to a boil in a standard-sized cooking vessel. Whether fresh or dried, add two tablespoons of rosemary to the water. Wrap a big paper towel or linen around the colander. 


The rosemary should be strained out of the mixture. Combine the ingredients and shake in five or six drops of coconut oil. Once the solution has cooled, rub a damp cloth through the dog’s matted hair and massage the conditioner into the tangles.


How To Remove Mats from Dog Hair


 Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair, Common household products can be used to create a detangling spray or conditioner.


Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to take care of your dog. Remember that this is not a spa service for dogs. It takes time and attention to untangle a dog’s matted coat. Untangle your dog’s hair with these easy methods!


Place yourself and your dog in a relaxed position where you can exert firm yet gentle control over your pet. Your dog should be at eye level so the kitchen counter, dining table, or any sturdy piece of furniture works excellently. Cradling your dog on the couch or finding a more comfortable position will help calm him down, especially if he’s a big or nervous dog.


To loosen the knot, rub it with your fingers. Before using any tools, this helps to relieve the hair gently. Gently brush the hair away from the area around the mat so that you can concentrate on the tangled patch.


Brush the matted area in alternate directions using a soft bristle brush. When brushing, it’s best to avoid pulling at the skin by placing your fingers under the base of the hair. Put the brush sideways to separate the strands as you go. You can use a de-matting comb to remove mats by working from the top down. Make sure you don’t snag the skin. 


Spray your conditioner around the area that is matted until it is damp. Conditioner isn’t required, although it does help the brush move more smoothly through the hair.


Finish combing the conditioner through the newly detangled hair with a stainless-steel comb.


Finally, make sure to pet your dog. When you’re done, show your dog some love by telling him you’re proud of him and rewarding him with treats.


How to Get Mats Out of Dog Hair Naturally


 Home Remedies For Matted Dog Hair, Common household products can be used to create a detangling spray or conditioner.


After trying the aforementioned methods, if you still can’t get rid of the knots, you may need to clip them. Having trouble figuring out how to securely cut through matted dog hair?


Matting is not a difficult problem to solve for your dog, provided that you catch it early. To separate the hair, you simply need to use certain tools. However, the situation changes drastically when fur is heavily matted. 


When Unsure, Remove Matted Fur


When dealing with matted dog hairs, sometimes the best solution is to cut it out. If you’re struggling to comb or brush out tough or large mats, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


You can easily remove mats by using scissors or clippers. Just be sure to do it carefully. Don’t stress about achieving perfect symmetry when it comes to haircut. Instead, prioritize tackling those pesky tangles and mats that have troubled your pet.


However, it’s crucial to remember that removing every mat should be a last resort. It is important to brush out any matted fur whenever possible.


Dogs have hair, which acts as a natural protective layer. Completely shaving them can cause temperature control problems, sunburn, and less protection against scratches and cuts.


While removing mats from your dog’s fur may be necessary, leaving the final coat appearance to a professional groomer is generally recommended. They have the expertise to ensure your dog’s skin looks its best while preserving as much of it as possible.


How Do You Shave a Dog’s Matted Hair?


Shaving severely matted hair is the best solution, even if you dislike it. A thorough shave enables a new beginning with good grooming practices. Need to know how to trim a dog’s matted coat? Here’s how:


How to proceed with matted dog hair:  Watching videos online on shaving a dog may help if you’re scared and worried about your dog’s pain. The dog may sense your anxiety.


Nervousness is terrible for you and your pet, even if it doesn’t hinder the process. Watching a skilled groomer shave a dog can teach you some tips and boost your confidence. For the best results, ensure your dog is relaxed and content before beginning the shave.


Find the right tools: Dog grooming is different when cutting matted hair. You will need specialized tools to ensure your pet is comfortable and the process goes well. For a consistent shave, a protected electric pet clipper is required. Shaving with Clippers makes the fur grow even, giving your pet a new start.


Keep the dog restrained: Shaving a dog that jumps to escape might be difficult. To keep the dog from moving, you should control it. Getting a friend to assist you is a good idea if you have a tough grooming dog.


 Head first: Shave from the head after attaching the blade to the clipper. To avoid harm, take extra care around the eyes and ears. Cut hair at least an inch away from the eyes. The key is to go easy on the razor to avoid the irritation that can cause twitching.


The underarms and tail can follow: The area beneath the bottom is the next target for the razor. Keep the clippers as flat as possible against the skin to avoid cuts. If the dog is agitated, calm him first before shaving.


Next are the sides, back, and legs: Shave the back, sides, and legs after shaving underarms and under tails. Prepare yourself for some challenging shaving in these places. Your dog’s coat can come off in one piece if the hair is exceedingly matted. To avoid burning your dog, check the clippers for overheating.


Finish with the belly: After shaving the rest of your dog, move on to the belly. To alleviate post-shaving discomfort, give your dog a cool bath. Try to stop your pet from scratching itself because that could cause sores.



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