How to Prevent Cockapoo Matting/ Best Ways to Care for Your Pet

How to Prevent Cockapoo Matting/ Best Ways to Care for Your Pet

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Cockapoos are the sweetest pets. If you own a cockapoo, you know how difficult it is to keep them well groomed. 


Cockapoos Owners would be lying if they said their dogs didn’t occasionally develop mats or knots. While there are numerous benefits to owning a Cockapoo, one of the drawbacks is maintaining their grooming. 


It might be annoying to untangle a Cockapoo’s fur when knots and mats have formed. 

In this article, I’ll review our strategies to remove Cockapoo Matting


What is Matting? 


Matting is a condition in which your dog’s fur is full of knots and tangles. It’s uncomfortable and can also hide or exacerbate other health problems, such as infections, skin irritations, or parasites.


Because the matting prevent air from circulating, mats can cause skin irritation and even cancer on your dog because they trap moisture in the hair. Matting can be uncomfortable for your dog. Still, in severe situations it can restrict blood flow to the skin, leading to painful hematomas. Depending on the severity of the matting, veterinary care may be required for your dog. 


There are canine breeds with coats that require more attention and are more prone to matting than others. Though any dog with long hair is at risk for matting, some breeds like poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Cockapoo, ShihTuz and coat types like Curly coats are more prone to it than others. 


Frequently Matted Body Parts of a Cockapoo


Your cockapoo, like all dogs, has fur all over its body, thus mats can form anyplace the animal rubs against something. Typical areas where knots and matting develop on a Cockapoo are: 


groin and armpit 

at the bottom 

both their belly and tail


These parts are high-touch areas because your cockapoo’s joints and body parts rub against each other or touch damp surfaces. 

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Causes of Cockapoo Fur Matting  


Matting tends to happen where your dog’s fur rubs against itself the most. These places include the armpits, the area where the collar or harness rests, the legs that have been in contact with wet grass, the area behind the ears, and any other spots on the body where they may be scratching. 


Matting is a seasonal condition that might appear when a dog is “blowing its coat” and developing a new summer coat. Mats can form when dead skin and loose fur combine, so it’s important to brush and remove any stray hairs regularly. 


 Matting is almost inevitable in long-haired dogs with allergies that cause them to itch and lick. 

 If your dog has fleas and is scratching because he or she is itchy, the dog’s fur will become matted. 


Matting can also be caused by water. If your long-haired dog rubs his tummy on moist grass after rain, he may get matted. Matting is likely if he swims. For this reason, we must avoid bathing matted Cockapoo. The mats will only become more congested as a result of this.


To prevent matting, carefully dry and brush your dog after washing at home. Before letting your Cockapoo get wet, you should always give him a good brushing and remove any matting. 


Knots in Matting Cockapoo—why are They Bad? 


Knots and mats make a Cockapoo’s fur less pleasant to pet, but they can also be very uncomfortable. The mat can tug against your Cockapoo’s skin if they sit or move incorrectly. 


Since mats are just a bunch of knots knitted together, they can cause a Cockapoo a lot of trouble even when it’s just trying to sleep. 


Cockapoos often have issues defecating because matting and knots form around their bottoms. This isn’t healthy for your dog, and you’ll have to clean your Cockapoo’s bottom more regularly! 

Cockapoo Dematting Tools


Brushes, combs, clippers, and de-tangling solutions are all options for pet owners. A slicker brush with a curved back is my go-to. Brushes with soft bristles, which can come in a variety of densities and structures, can be effective. When selecting a brush, it’s important to think about the dog’s size.


Cockapoo Matting reasons and solutions


If you want to know what kind of brush to get and have a professional show you how to brush your dog, you should consult a groomer.


To combat Cockapoo matting, you can use products like shampoos and de-tanglers, but unfortunately, there are no miracle cures. In some cases, cornstarch can be used to aid detangle, but ultimately, you’ll need to put in some effort.


How Do I Stop My Cockapoo From Matting 


One of the best things about a Cockapoo is its thick, beautiful coat. Long, medium, or short, the hair on a cockapoo is always tightly curled or wavy. The curls come from the Poodle side. You should regularly groom your dog to ensure a healthy coat.


Regularly Brush Your Cockapoo


Matting in your dog’s coat is easily avoided with regular and thorough combing and brushing. The frequency of brushing depends on the dog’s coat type and shedding season. Some Cockapoo especially those with long, curly, or fine fur, require daily brushing. In contrast, others may only need brushing once a week. 


Most people make the mistake of merely combing the top layer of their Cockapoo’s fur, which can lead to more matting. You’re bringing the loose hair and tangles closer to the skin by merely brushing the top layer of your dog’s fur. Use an undercoat rake as Cockapoo has a double coat, and you won’t have to worry about this happening. 


Bathe and Dry Your Cockapoo Well


You should bath your Cockapoo and make sure it dries thoroughly. This is some really important advice for people who just got a Cockapoo.  After a bath, it’s tempting to give your Cockapoo a quick towel dry, especially if their coat is short or they’ve just been groomed.


However, this could lead to clumps of fur sticking together as the water dries in your Cockapoo’s fur. To dry your Cockapoo after a bath, use a hairdryer. 


Schedule Regular Grooming Appointments 


Even with regular at-home brushing, Cockapoos’ fine fur mats quickly, especially when wet. The moisture from even regular use of an ear cleaning solution can cause the hair around Cockapoo’s ears to become matted. Between full grooming appointments, ask your groomer to give your dog a professional brush-out or a partial grooming appointment. 


If you want your Cockapoo’s coat to be long, these appointments and daily brushing are essential. Mat removal can be painful, even when done by a professional. You don’t want your dog to associate the groomer with pain. So, bring your Cockapoo dog to the groomer for treats between appointments. This will prevent your dog from expecting a bath each time he goes in. 


Keep Your Cockapoo’s Hair Short


Maintain a short coat on your dog to prevent matting and make brushing easier. This will require more grooming sessions. 


Matting is common in cockapoos with curly coats. Most Cockapoo owners with this type of coat like the teddy bear cut because it makes the hair easier to handle and makes the dog look very cute.


Why Cockapoo Fur Matting? Reasons and solutions


Shaving the outer coat of a double-coated breed like Cockapoo does not keep them cool in the heat. Shaving a Cockapoo increases their chances of getting sunburned and developing skin cancer. Their outer coat regulates temperature and protects them from the sun. Without shaving, a good brushing can help your double-coated Cockapoo stay cool. 


How to Get Matts out of Cockapoo fur 


Knots and matting can be a pain to deal with.  There are many ways to get mats out of Cockapoo Fur, but the following methods have worked the best. 


Use Shears 


Dog thinning shears serve the same purpose as human hair thinning shears. The scissors are designed to thin hair by making tiny cuts rather than a single, long one. This is a quick and easy way to untangle your Cockapoo’s fur from any knots that may have formed. 


Do not use scissors to remove mats unless you have had adequate training and have the appropriate grooming scissors. 


The Snip and Brush Method 


The Snip and Brush method is a quick and easy way to untangle any knot. A pair of scissors with rounded tips and a detangling brush are all that are required for this technique. In most cases, mattings can be easily removed by brushing it again the following day. 


Dog Clippers Remove Mats 


It is very simple to remove knots and mats with dog clippers. The disadvantage of using clippers is that they produce an uneven appearance. Not ideal if you want to maintain your Cockapoo’s teddy bear appearance! Using clippers is better than putting your Cockapoo through pain and discomfort. 


 Final Thoughts on Cockapoo Matting


Pet grooming is essential. It is a necessary part of pet care. The health of a matted cockapoo is dependent on grooming. Tight, hard mats are uncomfortable for your dog, and the weight and pulling against the skin can cause skin irritation. This can result in red, itchy, or even broken skin. Infections from open wounds on your cockapoo can result in costly trips to the vet and unnecessary suffering for your pet. 


A happy cockapoo is a well-groomed cockapoo. A happy Cockapoo exhibits the best qualities of both breeds: the loving, gentle, cuddly nature of the cocker spaniel and the fun, adventurous nature of the Poodle. And the soft fur of the crossbreed, whether curly, straight, or wavy, can be a plus. So, take care of your cockapoo. 


Numerous methods and products are available to help you design one that fits your schedule and your dog’s needs and preferences. Patience is required for both you and your dog. A good grooming routine has more pros than cons and frustrations. 




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