Long Hair French Bulldog Everything You Need To Know/ My Lovely Pets

Long Hair French Bulldog Everything You Need To Know/ My Lovely Pets

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A long hair French bulldog has medium-length and wavy hair, making them a distinct variety of bulldogs.


From the more typical coat colors to the oddly colored Frenchies that captivate everyone’s attention, French bulldogs come in various sizes and colors. Are you looking for a Long Hair French Bulldog? Before adopting one, know its cost, health issues, and other details.


This article will provide all the information you need about the long-hair French Bulldog that has recently gained worldwide popularity.


Are Long Haired French Bulldogs Purebred?


Long-haired French Bulldogs are purebred. As they do not conform to the breed standard, they are not eligible for competition in AKC dog shows. Purebred dogs with unique characteristics or mismarks are often crossbred, which is why there have been questionable additions to the breed registry.


The Long Hair French Bulldog has unique genotypic and phenotypic characteristics due to his hair.


It’s important to note that recessive features often go undiscovered for generations. If a recessive gene isn’t actively selected, it will only persist in a population at extremely low frequencies. It’s unlikely that two carriers will mate; even if they did, only about a fifth of their pups would have lengthy hair.


In the past, attitudes about pedigree dogs were different. Long-haired puppies who didn’t fit the norm used to be quickly eliminated from the litter if there were any. Given that nobody considered them to be of any use.


What Two Breeds Make a Long Hair French Bulldog?



A common misunderstanding is that long-hair French bulldogs are a hybrid breed. This is probably because of the historical context. The French Bulldog is a miniature breed developed via the selective breeding of Bulldogs and Terriers in the eighteenth century. The long hair gene that defines French bulldogs is thought to have emerged then.


The curly hair of a long-haired Frenchie is medium length and covers the dog from head to toe, giving it a fluffy, classically French appearance. True to their French Bulldog heritage, both parents carry two copies of the L4 gene, which is recessive and results in long hair. The same gene causes long coats in Afghan Hounds.


Long Hair French Bulldog‘s Personality


A Long-haired French Bulldog "fluffy Frenchies" are the result of an uncommon recessive gene.

A long-hair French Bulldog will be just as kind and mellow as its short-haired counterparts because this breed has no connection between coat length and personality. While each Frenchie has its unique character, the breed is commonly characterized by a high intellect level, a love of playing, and an intense need to be around its human family.



They’re best in houses where someone can keep them company and engage with them often.
Isolation can cause separation anxiety in them. A lack of playtime and challenging activities might lead long hair Frenchie to boredom and irritability.


This causes destructive behavior like chewing because they require an activity to be busy.


Long Hair French Bulldog Colors


Frenchies’ L4 long-hair gene does not interact with other coat-color genes and doesn’t clash with any standard French Bulldog colors.


A long hair French Bulldog has gained worldwide popularity.


The coat color of a long-haired Frenchie is unrelated to the genes that control its long hair length. Thus, these dogs can be any color that the ordinary Frenchie coat comes in.


The American Kennel Club officially recognizes sixteen different long Frenchie hair colors.
Five more colors aren’t officially recognized by the AKC but are common and well-known among dog breeders. These colors:


Blue merle


Are Long Hair French Bulldogs Rare?


Yes, Long Hair French bulldogs are a rare breed. Despite their rarity, long-haired French bulldogs do exist, and it is wondering how uncommon French bulldogs with long hair are. Even though no reliable data is available, we can confidently assume that less than 1% of all newborn French bulldogs are long-haired.


Can French Bulldogs be Long Haired?


To produce a long hair French bulldog, the mother and the father must carry a rare recessive gene. Fibroblast growth factor 5, or FGF5, is the gene responsible for hair length. If neither parent has the gene, they can’t have offspring with long hair. The gene for long hair in your DNA is required for a newborn with long hair.


The only difference between long-haired and short-haired French bulldogs is in their hair. Standard French bulldog colors, such as black, fawn, white, brindle, tan, and a blend of brindle and white, can also be found in long-haired French bulldogs.


Long Hair French Bulldog’s Nature



The Long Hair French Bulldog is known for being friendly and outgoing, so your dog will quickly adapt to the new situation. Frenchies don’t bark much, but their attentiveness makes them good watchdogs. They will ensure your family’s security at home.

Why Your Dog Barking at People / Possible Reasons and Best Advice


The Long Hair French Bulldogs will fit well whether you live alone or with a family.
However, you should bring them with you whenever you walk. These are some of the friendliest breeds you’ll ever meet; they’ll soon befriend your neighbors’ pets. It will take a little while to develop the relationship.


Grooming a Long Hair French Bulldog


Short-haired Frenchies are widely regarded as a pretty low breed in terms of grooming. But do Frenchies with long hair shed? Yes, all dogs shed, but hair from a long-haired dog will be more noticeable on your furniture than hair from a short-haired dog.


Dust and other particles are more easily trapped by long hair. To preserve it in good shape and prevent it from retaining doggy stench, it must be washed and brushed more frequently.
To prevent the spread of bacteria or fungi, the wrinkles on a long-haired Frenchie still need to be cleaned daily.


Long Hair French Bulldog Health Issues


The long-haired variety of the Frenchie suffers from the same health issues as the short-haired kind. The brachycephalic condition is present in French Bulldogs, which means their face is exceptionally flat. It’s a standard look for companion dogs, but it makes it hard for them to breathe and stay cool when it’s hot.


Hip dysplasia and patella luxation are inherited conditions that affect French Bulldogs of all coat types. Many pains and lameness are associated with these joint disorders, and the only way to fix them is usually through costly surgery.

What Is Alternative Treatment for Hip Dysplasia in Dogs? Natural Ways


The spine’s deformed hemivertebrae, which can be painful and paralyzing, is found in just over one-third of Frenchies. One-third of Frenchies are allergic to something, which can be distressing and even more challenging to diagnose and treat.


To sum up, French Bulldogs are not healthy dogs and usually have to deal with some chronic health issue that lowers their quality of life.


How Much is a Long Hair French Bulldog??


A long hair Frenchie is more expensive than a standard-coated Frenchie. You know how costly they are if you’ve ever considered buying a French Bulldog. Different colors have different starting pricing, and the cost of a particularly fluffy male or female Frenchie can range from $4,550 to $16,000+. The dog’s overall health and appearance also contribute to its worth. As a result, you should find a reputable long hair French bulldog breeder who can provide you with the necessary health documentation before purchasing a long-haired Frenchie.


Long-haired "fluffy Frenchies" are the result of a rare recessive gene.


The long hair French Bulldog is a rare breed, and breeders who want to work with this dog must pay for expensive DNA testing. As you can see, keeping long hair Frenchies healthy takes a lot of effort and money, which is why they cost so much.


Does a Long Hair French Bulldog Makes Good Pet?


Fluffy French bulldogs are a unique breed, and except for the coat, they are identical to a French bulldog.


They can’t be shown at dog shows, and many experts consider them not genuine Frenchies, although they can still be recognized as purebred. Unfortunately, purchasing a French Bulldog puppy is not recommended due to many endemic health issues.


If this continues, the market will be flooded with unhealthy, unhappy dogs suffering from various painful conditions and low quality of life.


Price of a Long Hair French Bulldog Puppies


Because long-hair French bulldog puppies are so rare, pricing them is more complicated. A breeder who exhibits their dogs may be let down by a long-haired renegade and give it to the proper parents for a ‘pet’ fee that reflects the cost of securely nurturing it for eight weeks.


Some breeders specialize in producing French bulldog puppies and may charge a premium for their puppies due to the novelty and rarity of this breed. Puppy mills will try to undercut the market by breeding the same puppies in deplorable conditions in markets where customers are willing to pay more for unique products.


When looking for a long Hair French Bulldog, be wary of puppies priced significantly higher or lower than the market average. A competent breeder will break down their costs for you if you inquire carefully and are genuinely interested.


Final Thought about Long Hair French Bulldog 


The long-haired variety of the French Bulldog is not drastically different from the short-haired variety. The only real differences between these dogs and the wrinkly, goofy ones you’re used to are the length of their fur and the price. You already know what a fluffy French bulldogs variety looks like, even if you’ve never seen one.



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