Cockapoo Coat Types/ My Lovely Pets

Cockapoo Coat Types/ My Lovely Pets

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Cockapoo is a product of its Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents. Cockapoo puppies can have a wide variety of coat colors and patterns due to the large degree of variability in the coats of the parent breeds. Cockapoos usually have one of three types of coats: one that is tight and curly, loose and wavy, or straight.  


Knowing what kind of coat your Cockapoo has is essential so you can properly care for and groom them. Keep reading to find out:  


Understand the Cockapoo Coat Types  


 Cockapoo Curly Coat


Instead of their Cocker Spaniel parent, a Cockapoo with a curly coat resembles a Poodle. They have a fuzzy appearance, and their coats have a wiry feel from the tight curls. These Cockapoos don’t shed as much as regular Cockapoo puppies and have less dander. This Cockapoo is great for allergy and asthma sufferers.  


A Cockapoo with a dense, wavy coat must be brushed daily. We advise getting expert trims for these pets to maintain their curly coats. This method will make it easier to maintain a clean and unmatted coat for them.  


Curly Cockapoo Coat Care


Most Cockapoos are clipped into a Teddy Bear trim because their tight curly coats matt easily. Since the tight, curly coat tends to absorb dirt and mud, it is helpful to keep the length of the coat short—around 3–4 centimeters—after enjoyable, muddy journeys.  


Learn about cockapoo coat changes


Taking your Cockapoo to a professional groomer for a full wash and clip every three months and completing basic grooming in between will keep him stylish and comfy. When dried, you can brush this clip.  


Some Cockapoos, like poodles, develop an abundance of hair in the ear canal, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria and a home for wax buildup. The hairs in dog’s ears can be removed with your fingers or the help of a groomer by applying a canker powder in the area and then plucking the hairs out.  


 Cockapoo Wavy Coats  


Undercoated and slightly non-shedding, The Cockapoo, with its wavy coat, is the cutest and most beautiful dog breed. It’s a mix of the furs of their parents. Their coats are easy to take care of because they don’t shed much. These coats have a wave pattern that is neither straight nor curly and looks pretty attractive.  


Wavy Cockapoo Coat Care


A dog with a thick ringlet or wavy coat can indeed look quite attractive, but that glamour doesn’t come without a price. The cost is more maintenance and grooming aids.  


Those that want to keep their coats long will find that they must go through a two-week molt cycle twice a year. The molt is felt before it is seen. When you pet the dog, you will feel the mattings, but the long hairs make it hard to feel the skin.


The molted “undercoat” must be gently shed at that time.  When dried, brushing this full coat causes the hair shaft to break and puff up into an afro look. To avoid this, you can condition the coat while grooming it in a straight line. Using rakes and comb, the entire coat must be groomed from root to tip, starting at the paws.  


 Cockapoo Straight Coat  


The coats of the parent Cockapoo spaniel are long, straight, and soft. Their Spaniel ancestor hence ensures that they have sleek, straight coats. They’re smooth and simple to care for. Cockapoo puppies and the second generation are particularly prone to this condition. The owners and cockapoos alike adore the straights of the breed.  


Cockapoo Straight Coat Care


Regularly brushing twice or thrice a week and occasionally washing, a Cockapoo with a straight coat can maintain its natural length. To give your dog clear vision and show off their gorgeous eyes, you may need to remove overgrown hair from between the eyes and fringe with thinning scissors. Since the lower jaw beard gets waterlogged when drinking, some owners clip it off.  


 Cockapoo Coat Changes  


The coat change can begin anywhere between 6 and 12 months of age and last until the dog is 18 months old. How long it lasts is dog-specific, although it might be anything from a few months to a year.


 Cockapoo Puppy Coat Changes  

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Regardless of the Cockapoo’s Coat Type Variations, its puppy coat is simple to care for. During the first few months, a basic grooming kit will suffice, including a comb, brush, nail clippers, and slicker brush. You can maintain your puppy looking neat for the first six months by brushing four or five times a week for just a few minutes.  


 Cockapoo Adult Coat  


The adult coat of a Cockapoo “comes in” sometime after the dog is about eight months old. A coat that usually requires minimal maintenance will suddenly begin to mat. To make way for the adult coat, your dog goes through molting. All dogs, including Poodles, molt; however, not all dogs shed. The majority of Cockapoos are hypoallergenic. Maintaining an adult Cockapoo’s 15-centimeter coat requires grooming skills and confidence.  


How Does a Cockapoo Coat Color Fading with Age?  


A hybrid between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo is a dog breed with a unique look. Some hybrid dog breeds, like Cockapoos, can inherit a fading gene from their parent Poodle. Not all Cockapoos have the fading gene; however, it is highly prevalent in the breed. A single fading gene is sufficient to cause age-related fur color changes in Cockapoos.  


The fading gene only manifests in specific Poodle breeds. Poodles of a red, black, or brown coat tend to lose their color as they age, whereas Poodles of a white, silver, apricot, or similar coat color usually retain their original hue. This is not the case with Cockapoos, however, as dogs of any color might potentially get the fading gene.  


If a Cockapoo carries the fading gene, its coat will begin to fade at the age of 6 months. The process of fading, however, takes some time. It often takes place over several years and exceptionally slowly. Your Cockapoo’s coat may lose some of its lusters after only a couple of years of age.  


What Other Changes to the Cockapoo Coat Happen?  


Numerous cockapoos have variable fur quality. As a puppy, a Cockapoo may appear to have fine, manageable fur, but this is not always the case as the dog matures. The Cockapoo’s coat has unique coloring, but that’s not the only noticeable difference to pet owners.  


In general, Cockapoos’ fur gets thicker as they get older. The change will be noticeable in the hair’s follicles when this occurs. If you want to keep your Cockapoo’s new fur from matting, you may need to adjust your grooming routine once its coat has changed.   




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