Why Does My Dog Walk Around Me In Circles?

Why Does My Dog Walk Around Me In Circles?

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Dogs exhibit many unique habits that are occasionally difficult to comprehend. You might wonder,

why does my dog walk around me in circles? ” If your puppy suddenly starts to circle you. Why does

it matters? 


Circling behavior is frequently the result of inherited traits or attention-seeking. Your dog might,

however, circle you if they’re attempting to communicate with you or if they’re hurt. It’s critical to

pinpoint the source because a habit of circling might have a variety of meanings. You can better

assist your favorite furry family member once you understand the cause of the behavior. 


Why Does My Dog Walk Around Me in Circles?


There are several causes for your dog to circle you. Here are a handful of them, along with some

suggestions for how to quit the behavior. 


Your Dog is Excited


If your dog is happy to see you at home or if you are holding something alluring, they may circle you.

For example, if you’re carrying a leash, your dog may get a burst of energy to go for a walk and spin

in circles to get free of excess energy. 


why does my dog walk around me in circles?

Dog jumping with excitement


Your dog will probably circle any other animal that makes them happy if you have one. Your dog

expresses excitement by bouncing around in circles, similar to a young child. 


Steps to Take 

You shouldn’t be concerned if your dog excitedly around you. An excited puppy frequently exhibits

actions including jumping, waving its tail, and racing in circles. 


You must teach your dog the fundamental commands. If they are well-versed in their commands,

you can use “sit” or “stay” to break the routine and quiet a hyperactive dog. 


Your Dog May Have a Message 


Your dog can be trying to communicate with you if there doesn’t seem to be any reason for its

excitement. Your dog may be circling you to get your attention because it wants to play with you or

is hungry. If you’ve ever paid attention to your dog when they’ve been running around in circles, they

could believe that doing so will satisfy their requirements.  


Steps to Take 

 Don’t encourage your dog to circle if you think it’s an attention-seeking tactic. Instead, ignore it and

issue a straightforward instruction like “sit.” 


When your dog behaves well, only reward them with attention, food, or other necessities. If you

haven’t taught your dog the basic instructions, this training is vital to stop undesirable habits. 


Genetic Behavior 


Why Does My Dog Walk Around Me In Circles?

Dogs playing in grassy field

Some dog breeds circle because to inherited characteristics. Herding breeds, for example, circle

more frequently than other types. Breeds of herding dogs include: 

Australian Shepherd

Australian Cattle Dog

Belgian Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog


Border Collie

Belgian Tervuren

Berger Picard


In order to make the ground a more pleasant place to sleep, wild dogs would also either scratch the

ground or circle it to smooth down the grass. Dogs still have many of their predecessors’ habits,

despite the fact that they are now domesticated. 


Steps to Take 

Herding dogs are renowned for their wits and diligence. These canines require a lot of mental and

physical exercise. Make sure your dog gets the daily exercise and “work” it needs to keep it from

being too active when it’s not doing anything. 


Teach your dog a lot of commands so that it has something to memorize and practice regularly.

Most of the time, a quick walk around the block won’t be enough, so make sure to play fetch or go

for jogs with these breeds. 


Your Dog is in Pain, Anxious, or Stressed Out 


Pay attention to any other unusual behaviors from your dog in case they suddenly begin to circle.

When a dog is upset, it may act differently than normal to try to calm itself or get your attention. 


why does my dog walk around me in circles?

Two dogs fighting over a toy ball


 In the same way, dogs in pain will try to tell you what’s wrong with their bodies since they can’t talk.

You know your dog better than anyone else, so if you think something is wrong, go with the feelings

you have. 


Steps to Take 

Something odd may have happened recently if your dog is acting strangely. Have you recently taken

a longer trip than usual? Have you recently moved into a new house? 


Anxiety in dogs can result from abrupt lifestyle changes. Dogs can have anxiety like people do, but

the most common kinds are separation anxiety, fear anxiety, and age anxiety. 


Strange behavior, however, might sometimes be a sign of pain or injury. Look out for symptoms

such as: 

  • Shaking 
  • A flat ear 
  • Low position 
  • A shift in temperament 
  • Crying or panting 
  • Being “stiff” 
  • Reduced appetite 
  • Lethargy 
  • Not wanting to play or exercise. 

If you suspect that your dog is distressed, worried, or in pain, speak to your veterinarian. Tell the vet

about your dog’s signs and symptoms so they can figure out the best way to treat them. 


Dominating Behavior 


Your dog may surround you in an effort to assert its dominance. Dogs with more dominant

personalities may try to get you to move out of the way by walking around you. 


why does my dog walk around me in circles?

Excited Labrador Retriever running along grassy path in a rainy day


Dogs can display neutral, submissive, or dominant behavior toward humans. Other behaviors that a

dominating dog might exhibit include: 


  • not following known instructions 
  • blocking your way 
  • Prodding you to pet 
  • resists being handled by you or others and defends toys or food from you. 
  • flashing teeth or growling 


If the circle starts suddenly, it could mean something is wrong. Some health disorders, such as

thyroid problems, might cause domineering behavior. If your dog starts following you around or

shows any of the other signs above, it may be a cry for help. 


Steps to Take 

Pay close attention to any unusual actions your dog takes. A medical condition, worry, or fear may

be the root of the prevailing behavior. 

Talk to a vet to find out what’s causing the bad behavior so they can help you figure out what to do. 


Commonly Asked Questions 


Here are the most common questions that people have when they ask, “why does my dog walk

around me in circles?” 


Why does my dog spin around when he sees me? 


Your dog will be delighted to see you after not seeing you for a few hours, or occasionally even just

a few minutes. It’s like a happy dance when your dog spins around when you get back. They’re so

happy that you’re home that they’re dancing. 


Why does my dog spin in circles while pooping?


A lot of dogs will spin around when they position themselves to urinate or defecate. The instinct to

circle keeps them safe from an attack by a wild animal when they are in a vulnerable situation. 


Why do dogs turn in circles when they lay down?


Dogs have a survival instinct that causes them to circle before sleeping or napping. They do it so

they can be ready to defend themselves in case of an assault. Dogs would also smooth the grass or

ground for sleeping. 

Domesticated dogs have learned to circle before bed from their wild ancestors. 


Should I stop my dog from circling?


Contact your veterinarian if your dog appears to be circling at random without reason. Circling

behavior in senior dogs may be a symptom of cognitive impairment in dogs or the canine version of

Alzheimer’s disease. 


So, Why Does My Dog Walk Around Me in Circles?


Most of the reasons your dog circles you suddenly or has done so all its life are harmless. However,

if your puppy exhibits any other unusual habits or suddenly develops symptoms, you should visit

your vet. In order to rule out serious problems and keep your fluffy buddy safe and content, tell the

vet about anything strange you’ve noticed.  




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