Can Dogs Eat Hearts Of Palm? Read Before Feed

Can Dogs Eat Hearts Of Palm? Read Before Feed

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Heart of palm, commonly known as palm heart or palmito de guandul, is highly appreciated for its

rich nutritional profile. 


The vegetable is loaded with important vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it contains a number of

antioxidants that can prevent a number of chronic diseases. Another great quality of palm hearts is

their gastronomic adaptability. Palmito de guandul can be eaten raw or added to many other



Some dog owners wonders can dogs eat hearts of palm. As they might want to give their canine

housemates palm hearts because of the many health and nutritional advantages that these

vegetables offer. 

Can Dogs Eat Hearts of Palm?


The good news is that dogs can eat hearts of palm. These delicious vegetables don’t contain any

poisons that can give dogs immediate medical emergencies. They also include a ton of beneficial

minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Hearts of palm, like many other plant-based foods, are safe

and good for dogs, but only when given in moderation. You should only sometimes treat your dog to

these vegetables. Find out everything there is to know about palmito de guandul for dogs  below. 


Is Heart of Palm Good for Your Dog Potential Benefits 


Palm Hearts May Promote Digestion


Dietary fiber, a substance known for its numerous functions in assisting digestion, is abundant in

hearts of palm. 

Fiber aids digestion by increasing stool weight. This ups the frequency of bowel movements,

which lowers the likelihood of constipation. 

In addition to aiding in digestion, dietary fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria that reside in your dog’s

digestive tract, or gut microbiome. Numerous studies have demonstrated that supporting the gut

microbiome is a proactive method of preventing specific digestive and metabolic problems. Leaky

gut and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are two examples. 


Palm Hearts May Reduce Weight Gain


Palm hearts’ comparatively high fiber content serves a number of other purposes besides aiding

digestion. It can also prevent weight gain. 

Fiber-rich foods are known to make you feel full for a much longer time after eating. Longer

periods of feeling full indicate a reduced appetite. 

Therefore, adding palm hearts to your dog’s regular meal may help reduce weight gain caused by i

increased calorie intake. 


Palm Hearts Could Boost Muscle Growth


Like all animals, dogs require more protein than any other nutrient (apart from water) in their

meals. For muscles and tissues to develop properly, protein is required. 

Although your dog gets most of the protein he needs from animal products, it doesn’t harm to add

protein-rich plant extracts like palm hearts to his diet. 


Can Dogs Eat Hearts Of Palm?

Golden Retriever enjoy eating


Protein may help your dog build muscle and increase satisfaction after meals when combined with

fiber. Palm hearts are good for weight control since they have a lot of the two nutrients. It’s even

better when you consider palmito de guandul’s minimal fat, calorie, and cholesterol content. 


Palm Hearts Improve Blood Circulation


Palm hearts can provide up to 70% of the daily required copper intake in a single 100-gram

serving. Even though these RDVs (Recommended Daily Value) are based on how much copper

humans need, we can still use them for dogs. That’s because the physiological processes and

dietary requirements of people and dogs are remarkably similar. 


The production of red blood cells requires copper. Therefore, feeding your dog copper-rich foods

like palm hearts may improve blood circulation. The body receives more oxygen and nutrients via

enhanced blood circulation. 


The immune system and nerve cells are both supported by copper. The minerals also control blood

pressure and cholesterol. 


Palm Hearts May Protect Against Chronic Diseases


Antioxidants abound in palm hearts. Polyphenols are worth mentioning. Polyphenols, like other

antioxidants, can prevent free radical-induced cell damage. Reduced incidences of certain chronic

diseases are linked to this phenomena. 


Antioxidant-rich foods are particularly useful for lowering the risks of diabetes, cancer, and heart

disease. The additional significant nutrients in palm hearts are listed below, along with information

on how each one may benefit your dog. 


Potassium – The electrolyte balance is maintained by potassium, which also controls blood sugar. 

Zinc – Zinc is an antioxidant that also promotes cell division and wound healing. 

Phosphorus – Supports healthy bones and teeth and aids in protein production. 


Are Hearts Of Palm Harmful To Dogs? 


We’ve discussed different palmito de guandul for dogs benefits already. Given these positive

aspects, it seems that palm hearts might not be dangerous for your dog. 

But everything that has advantages also has drawbacks. And before including such goods in your

dog’s diet, it’s crucial to be aware of all the risks when it comes to feeding plant-based foods to



Can dogs eat hearts of palm?

Heart of palm on plate

How Palm Hearts Can Affect Your Dog


Palm Hearts Could Upset Your Dog’s Stomach


Canine diets do not typically include palm hearts. As a result, eating these vegetables might irritate

the stomach. 

Expected common symptoms are;   

  • Retching or vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Dry eyes or thick saliva indicate diarrhea-induced dehydration. 
  • Gassiness or bloating 
  • Uncomfortable stomach 

The risk of stomach upset depends on your dog’s palm heart tolerance and consumption. 

First-time palm heart eaters usually have digestive issues. Excessive vegetable feeding has the

same effect. 


Palm Hearts Can Cause on Allergic Reactions


The taste of palm hearts will appeal to a lot of dogs right away. But some people might be allergic to

these foods. 

The gastrointestinal problems we’ve mentioned above are typically signs of palm heart allergy in

dogs. In addition, they may include irritability, pacing, a rapid heartbeat, and labored respiration. 


Palm Hearts Could Affect Your Dog’s Blood Sugar Levels


Hearts of palm contain a fair amount of carbs. Unfortunately, dogs’ diets do not need to include


Concerningly high carbohydrate intake might make dogs’ blood sugar levels surge. Your dog could

develop sugar-related diseases like diabetes if immediate measures are not taken. 


The fact that palm hearts are also high in fiber is a saving grace. Undigested fiber passes past the

stomach in large quantities. It transports a sizable amount of carbohydrates along with it during the

process, inhibiting their absorption into the bloodstream. 


Pathogens May Be Found In Palm Hearts


Like any other raw vegetable, palm hearts are susceptible to bacterial and parasite infestation.

Usually, C. botulinum spores are present in these vegetables


The powerful digestive juices of a dog may be able to kill some C. botulinum germs. However,

consuming too many of these organisms could result in food poisoning or gastroenteritis. 


Palm Hearts May Make Your Dog Suffocate


Another possible drawback of ingesting raw palm hearts is asphyxiation. These vegetables are not

suitable for raw consumption despite coming from one of the softest portions of the palm tree.

Especially since canine throats are considerably narrower than those of human beings. 


The warning symptoms that your dog might be choking on palm hearts include dilated pupils,

hypersalivation, and a small but persistent cough. 


Palm Hearts Are Not A Complete Nutritional Source For Dogs


Can dogs eat hearts of palm?

Hungry Labrador is waiting for food


Even though hearts of palm are full of important minerals and vitamins, they are still missing

many nutrients that dogs need in their diets. 

This shows how important it is to limit your dog’s intake of palm hearts. However, there are probably

more nutritious options you may try. 


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Alternative Snacks That Are Safe For Dogs 


It’s important to offer your dog a range of safe and healthy snacks. This section will look at several

other dog-friendly treats that you might think about giving to your canine companions. 


 Fruits And Veggies 


Dogs can benefit from a variety of healthy and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Following are

some canine-friendly choices: 


Carrots: Packed with vitamins and minerals, carrots are a fantastic crunchy dog treat. By removing

plaque and tartar, they can also aid dental health. 

Cucumbers: Cucumbers are a fantastic summertime snack for dogs because they are low in

calories and high in water. 

Green beans: are a healthy vegetable that are safe for dogs to eat because they are high in fiber and


Apples: Apples are a tasty treat that are rich in vitamins and fiber. Before giving your dog slices of

apple, just make sure the seeds and core have been removed. 


Canine Treats 

Giving your dog a unique treat designed just for them is wonderful from time to time. Here are a few

popular and healthy dog treats that you can buy in stores: 


Dog biscuits: are available in a variety of flavors and sizes, allowing you to tailor them to your pet’s

tastes and dietary needs. 

Soft desserts: Dogs who prefer a softer texture or have sensitive teeth may benefit from soft,

chewy treats. 

Freeze-dried: Freeze-dried treats are practical and can give your dog a distinctive, crunchy snack


Dental chews: Created to encourage good oral hygiene, these snacks can help keep your dog’s

teeth and breath clean. 

While these snacks are safe, they should be eaten in moderation with a well-balanced, age-appropriate diet. Variety and watching your dog’s reactions to various foods are crucial. 


How Should I Feed Hearts of Palm to Dogs?


can dogs eat hearts of palm?

Stem of palm


Select toxic-free palm hearts. Dogs can safely consume most cultivars of palm hearts. Others,

however, are extremely toxic, like the heart of an Orania species. 

So, before giving your dog a palm heart, it’s crucial to be aware of its toxicity. 


Select Non-Bitter Variants


It’s not enough to check palm heart toxicity before feeding your dog. You should also establish

these vegetables’ taste. The majority of palm heart species are sweet. But there are also bitter



Discard The Outside Sheath


The first step in preparing the vegetable for your dog is to remove the outer sheath of the stem

once you’ve settled on a tasty and non-toxic palm heart kind. Keep in mind that using the inner

section is the main objective. 

Make a longitudinal cut through the stem with a sharp knife. This will split the heart’s center. Finally,

throw away the cover and get the base ready. 


Rinse The Vegetable


Freshly collected palm hearts can benefit from a rinse to remove any dirt and debris. Additionally, it

could get rid of some germs and parasites on the vegetable. 


Cut The Fruit Or Veggie


Choking dangers are decreased by chopping palm hearts. You can chop, slice, or cube the

vegetable depending on how it will be prepared. 


Cook The Vegetable


You can consume heart of palm either raw or cooked. However, you should prepare the veggie first

when giving palm hearts to dogs. Palmito de guandul softens while cooking, making it simpler for

your dog to ingest and digest. However, avoid using excessive amounts of salt, spices, grease, or

butter while cooking palm hearts. 


Heinz-body anemia, a potentially fatal condition, is linked to spices like onions and garlic, but fat

and butter are important contributors to weight gain. 

Give Your Dog The Vegetable In Moderation

You shouldn’t feed your dog palm heart on a regular basis because it’s not an essential element of

its diet. 

Can Dogs Eat Canned Heart Of Palm?

Kidney disease in dogs can result from eating too much salt. So, stay away from canned palm

hearts because they are frequently fatty, salty, and spiced. Check the ingredients list if you must

give your dog store-bought palm hearts to be sure there are no potential toxins. 


Dog owners who love palm hearts frequently ask, ” are hearts of palm noodles safe for dogs?” 

The unique ingredients in palm heart noodles determine its safety. This makes it even more

important to check the ingredients of goods containing palm hearts before feeding them to your

canine housemate. 


How Often Can Dogs Eat Palm Hearts? 

We’ve stressed that palm hearts are fine as an occasional treat for your dog, but they shouldn’t be

fed to them regularly. The general consensus is to give your dog palm hearts no more than twice a week. 


Can Puppies Eat Hearts of Palm? 


Similar to adult dogs, puppies may benefit from hearts of palm. When giving these vegetables to

your dogs, you should, however, act with considerable caution. 

Because pups tend to have delicate tummies. As a result, they are more prone than adult dogs to

experience more severe side effects from palm hearts. 


Final Thought On Can Dogs Eat Hearts Of Palm?

Dogs can safely consume hearts of palm and benefit from them, but only when offered sparingly

and occasionally. Never substitute palm hearts or other non-standard food items for your dog’s

regular diet. 




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