Why Do My Dog Lick My Pillow? (And How to Stop Doing It!)

Why Do My Dog Lick My Pillow? (And How to Stop Doing It!)

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We can’t expect our dogs to behave normally all the time, and while it may sound funny, many of our

canine companions are obsessed with our pillows. And while we enjoy making our pets happy, no

one wants to return home to a damp pillow.


You are concerned, “Why do my dog lick my pillow?” Why would your dog want to eat something as

tasteless as a pillow when they can access tasty treats and food?


Your dog probably thinks your pillow is delicious. If not, then it must be a psychological issue. Why

your dog might be licking your pillow and some possible solutions.


Reasons Why Do My Dog Lick My Pillow


Why is your dog so intent on licking your pillow? We’ll discuss some of the primary reasons why

your canine companion is so anxious to slobber on that soft pillow and some strategies for

preventing this behavior.


Why Do My Dog Lick My Pillow?

A black thoroughbred French bulldog with licking tongue


It has a Good Taste


When the salt from the skin absorbs into your pillow, it becomes tasty and attractive to your dog.

We typically sweat when we sleep and exfoliate our skin. Both of these instantly assemble on our

pillows and impart a salty flavor. Before going to bed, some of us also apply facial creams and

lotions, which end up on our pillows.


What about the nighttime face mask with the fruity fragrance? You can guarantee that if something

smells good to you, it also smells delicious to them.


Variations in Diet


A recent change in your dog’s diet may factor in their sudden interest in your pillow, mainly if their

new diet reduces their daily sodium intake.


Dogs typically seek a consistent and reliable routine. They might feel underwhelmed and resort to

your pillow to sate their need for salt if you slightly adjust their diet.


However, beyond a nutritional deficiency, this behavior may result from feeling off-balance due to

the diet change. Lack of satisfaction or pleasure may also play a role. Nonetheless, it is best to

obtain professional advice if diet and behavior changes have occurred recently.


Underlying Health Condition


Believe it or not, just like humans, pets can suffer from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which

can be a primary cause of this behavior.


Over time, their behavior can become destructive and detrimental, often necessitating medical

intervention. However, OCD is not the only underlying medical condition that could be causing your

dog to gravitate toward your pillow.


Many medical conditions, such as ear infections, dental disorders, and intestinal parasites, might

affect your dog’s behavior. If you observe a drastic shift in their behavior, you must take them to the

vet as soon as possible so they can help you figure out what’s wrong.


For additional analysis, blood screenings, an analysis of the urinary tract, or a fecal examination may be required.


Stress When Separated


Like other medical conditions, separation anxiety is another common problem many canines

experience. This behavior may be a result of the fact that licking the pillow brings them closer to you

when you’re not around.


Most of the time, it’s a way to calm down or even a cry for help, even if you don’t understand why

your dog licks. As a coping method, visiting the vet could provide helpful advice to reduce your pet’s

anxiety and stress.


Reinforcement of Behavior


We may not always notice how our reactions to our pet’s behavior can encourage the habit to be

repeated. Petting them may have the opposite effect of what you intend.


Why Do My Dog Lick My Pillow?

Playful puppy sticks his tongue out on his family’s sofa


Rewarding their actions inadvertently can have a long-lasting effect and may do more harm than

good while trying to solve this situation. However, if your pet suddenly begins acting strangely, it’s

best to consult a vet just to be safe.


How To Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Pillow


There are some solutions to the problem of your dog licking the pillows in your home, but the most

effective one will come from learning why your dog is doing it in the first place. Here are a few of the

most effective suggestions for redirecting your companion.


Take Away the Temptation


Consider removing the comforters and storing them elsewhere during your absence. It’s essential

to bear in mind that this action may lead the licking behavior to shift to something else or for them

to act out aggressively, even if it sometimes solves the problem.


Make an Appointment With Your Vet


A quick trip to seek medical counsel is one of the surest methods to ensure they get the treatment

they need to have a happy, active life. Your vet is your finest resource for understanding your pet’s

physical and mental requirements. They have the most pertinent information to help you and your

dog move forward.


Divert Your Dog With Another Object


If their pillow obsession is merely the result of boredom, providing them with something enjoyable

and exciting to play with could greatly assist.


why do my dog lick my pillow?

French Bulldog puppy playing with dog toy in living room


Keeping them occupied with puzzle toys can frequently entertain them for hours, diverting their

attention from your pillow. Remember that shifting the focus aside is crucial!


The less likely it is that they will be returning to your pillow, and the happier they will be, the more

busy you can keep their mind and the more you can stimulate and interest them.


Alter Their Diet


Changing their diet might help alleviate deficiencies or unfulfilled needs, but it’s essential to do so

under the supervision of a professional. To fix the problem, your vet may suggest modifying their

food or adding vitamins.


Start Training


Overcoming this odd habit may require some hands-on instruction. You may do a lot of good and

save your pillowcases in the long run if you train your dog using positive reinforcement and only

treat it when it stops the behavior on demand.


Give Your Dog a Better Thing to Do Than Licking Your Pillow


If you do not wish to hide your pillows daily, you can attempt to distract them. If they desire salt, give

them a bone or something else they can gnaw and lick that is loaded with sodium.


Train Them to Stop Pillow-Licking


Why do my dog lick my pillow?

Two Chihuahua dogs with red heart-shaped pillows on green grass, making funny faces


If all else fails or you cannot determine why your dog is licking your pillow, you can always use

positive reinforcement to train them to cease.


To accomplish this, bring your dog some pillows and a few rewards. When your dog begins to lick

the pillow, use a firm, clear voice to tell them to stop. Then, commend them and reward them with a

treat. If you do this daily, your dog will learn that it will receive praise when it doesn’t lick your pillow.


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