13 Stunning Cats With Big Noses (with pictures)

13 Stunning Cats With Big Noses (with pictures)

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Are you fascinated by cats with big noses and want to know more about them? Join me on a journey of discovery! 

A cat’s nose is undeniably charming. Here I’ve created a guide exploring the fascinating world of big-nosed cats. 

Whether you want to adopt a long-nosed cat or learn more about them, this guide will be helpful to you. 


Why are Cat Noses Unique in Nature? 


The most important sense organ for a cat is its nose. Their sense of smell is powerful, allowing them to detect certain odors up to 100 yards away. With around 200 million smell receptors, cats have approximately 14 times more than humans.


By having this ability, they can experience scents beyond our imagination. For instance, their heightened sense of smell allows them to detect the fear in a human’s sweat and even identify the distinct odor of certain diseases. 


The size of a cat’s brain is directly proportional to the size of its nose. The smarter the cat, the bigger the nose, in other words! According to studies, cats with big noses have been found to possess superior memory and problem-solving abilities compared to their counterparts with smaller noses. 


Big-nosed cats are feline species known for their prominent nasal features. 


Characterized by their large noses, big-nosed cats are a unique type of feline. All these cats, with their big noses, come in various shapes and sizes. 


The Types of Cats With Big Noses? 


Among the big-nosed cats, we can find the Maine Coon, the Persian, and the Siamese. Despite their distinct features, all types have one thing in common – a big nose. 


 Bengal Cat  


Size13- 16inches
Weight:8 – 15 lbs
Life Expectancy:12 – 16 years
Personality:Smart, loving, and curious


Cats With Big Noses/ cats with wide nose bridge

Bengal cat enjoys city park and outdoor walks.


This breed was selectively bred to resemble a wild jungle cat while maintaining a friendly and tame temperament.  


With their long legs and large paws, these cats have a unique and upright stance. With powerful hindquarters and muscular bodies, they effortlessly conquer tree climbing.  


Don’t underestimate their wild appearance – these cats are famously friendly, loyal, and affectionate. These Pets are social creatures and enjoy being around their human companions, often following them throughout the house.  


Bengals are intelligent and love playing interactive games like fetch and hide-and-seek.  


Are you looking for a fun and loyal feline companion? Look no further than a Bengal kitten from a trusted breeder! 


Oriental Shorthair 


Size9 – 11 inches
Weight:8 – 12 lbs
Life Expectancy:12 – 15 years
Personality:Social, smart, and fun-loving


Cats With Big Noses/ cats with wide nose bridge

Meet the adorable Oriental Shorthair white cat with mesmerizing blue eyes


The Oriental Shorthair is a unique and elegant cat breed known for its sleek and slender body, large ears, and striking almond-shaped eyes.  


If you want a cat with a big nose and a vibrant personality, the Oriental Shorthair is the perfect choice. This cat is known for its big nose and fluffy fur.  


The Oriental Shorthair comes in various colors, like white, black, and brown. The cost of pets is influenced by their appearance, pedigree, and other factors. 


Their long tail helps them maintain balance while leaping from great heights. Medium-sized bodies, large heads, round eyes, and perky ears define their adorable appearance. 


Oriental Shorthairs are intelligent cats and excellent with kids. They’re active and friendly with other pets at home. 


This breed thrives with a companion who is at home often. They are renowned for having a pleasant disposition, loyalty, and high intelligence. 




Size20-22 inches
Weight:15-30 lbs
Life Expectancy:12-15 years 
Personality:Friendly, determined, intelligent


Chausie cat on brown backdrop

The Chausie cat is a unique breed created by mixing domestic cats with jungle cats from Southeast Asia. The outcome: a new breed with a sleek, elongated body and legs that outshine other domestic cats.  


The Chausie is known for its long nose, large ears, and sleek, muscular body. The pet has a fit body and a long tail that can be elegantly curved or tucked.  


This breed has a soft, shiny coat, though not as dense as other cats. They are available in a variety of hues as well. 


The Chausie is gaining popularity among cat lovers for its unique looks and personality. These cats are smart and playful, perfect for those who love interactive pets.  


Moreover, Chausie cats are affectionate and loyal, making them ideal companions for families with children seeking a playful and loving feline friend. 




Size8-10 inches
Weight:6-12 lbs
Life Expectancy:8-14 years
Personality:Energetic, loyal, outgoing


Meet the adorable Sphynx cat with a big nose! / Cats with Big Noses/ cats with wide nose bridge

A Sphynx cat looking towards camera

Sphynx cats are fantastic with their unique appearance! These adorable creatures lack fur and have translucent skin, making them look alien.  


These adorable pets can also be found in various hues like black and grey, which can be pretty pricey. Despite being unique and costly, these pets are super popular, and many breeders make them. 


Their large nose is a standout feature, not just for looks. Sphynx cats have a keen sense of smell for hunting mice and rodents.  


They hear better than other cats because of their unique ear shape. 


Sphynx cats are perfect for busy cat lovers seeking a low-maintenance feline with heaps of personality!  


They need less upkeep than other cat breeds because they don’t require grooming or brushing. They’ll sit on your lap and purr when you pet them, and they enjoy the attention. 


They are amiable to humans and animals but wary of new people and surroundings. 




Size8-11 inches
Weight: 8-15 lbs 
Life Expectancy:8-13 years 
Personality:Energetic, curious, determined


Meet the adorable Balinese cat with a big, cute nose! 

Adorable young Balinese cat, lounging on its side gazing with captivating emerald eyes


The Balinese cat is known for its sleek body, broad chest, big eyes, and smooth coat. Also called the long-haired Siamese, this cat is a type of Siamese breed.  


The Balinese are a very recognizable cat breed. This breed has a big head with broad cheekbones, large round eyes, and a slender body with long legs and pointed ears.  


These pets are super loyal and love to stick by their family’s side, even following them around the house. They love kids! 


They’re intelligent and trainable, but avoid boring them with training. They might get frustrated if they feel forced into something they don’t like. Treating and using positive methods are great for training Balinese cats. 


Highlander Lynx 


Size10-16 inches
Life Expectancy:10-15 years
Personality:Confident, lively, trainable 


magnificent Highlander Lynx cat, known for its huge nose! 

Lynx basking in the evening sun

The Highlander Lynx is a stunning, big-nosed feline. This incredible new breed has been capturing the hearts of cat lovers all around the globe.  


These adorable felines are frequently confused with Bobcats or other lynx species. However, they are a delightful mix of the Desert Lynx and Jungle Curl.  


With their lengthy hind legs, these adorable creatures boast an athletic physique, enabling them to leap across tree branches effortlessly. Cats have sharp front claws for climbing trees and hunting at night.  


The Highlander Lynx Cat is a playful and family-friendly pet with a balanced personality. It’s active yet well-behaved, making it a great addition to any home.  


Additionally, they enjoy being among people and spending time in their presence. Pets adore playing with toys and chasing bugs indoors. However, they also relish snuggling on your lap for some cozy relaxation. 




Size14-17 inches
Weight:12-25 lbs
Life Expectancy:12-20 years
Personality:Brave, curious, devoted 


Meet the adorable Savannah cat with a big, cute nose! 



Savannah cats are a fabulous mix of domestic cats and wild African Servals. Meet the super-sized feline with a mega nose and oodles of charm!  


The Savannah cat’s nose is broad and triangular, with large nostrils and a wide bridge. The nose has a cute “button” look with a slightly upturned tip.  


Savannahs have super expressive faces! With their big, expressive eyes, they look almost like little humans.  


They have big ears that stand tall and long legs for speedy movement compared to other cat breeds.  


These cats live 15-20 years and stay playful like kittens forever. They’re pretty pricey kitties, known to be one of the most expensive felines worldwide. 


They’re super affectionate, playful, and always curious! Savannahs are social and love being with people and other animals. 


American Curl 


Size9-12 inches
Weight:5-10 lbs
Life Expectancy:12-16years
Personality:Super friendly and sweet


Meet the adorable American Curl cat with a long nose! Stunning Cats With Big Noses



The American Curl is a cat breed known for its unique curled ears and adorable button nose.  


The American Curl’s coat is soft and can be either short or medium in length, with a thick undercoat. Your pet’s fur can come in a variety of colors and patterns. The American Curl has a sleek and sturdy body. 


The head is round and adorable, with big round eyes and cute high cheekbones, giving it a charming cartoon-like look. The tail is long and tapers to a point with an attractive upward curve at the end.  


American Curls are super friendly and love hanging out with humans and furry friends. They’re smart and playful pets who love being around people.  


Pets love cuddles and pets from their owners and are quick learners. Active cats require ample toys to keep them entertained when they become bored. 




Size12-16 inches
Weight:6-10 lbs
Life Expectancy: 9-15 years
Personality: Friendly, curious, and loves company


Meet the adorable Abyssinian cat with a big, beautiful nose! 

An Abyssinian cat enjoys sunny outdoor playtime

The Abyssinian cat is a delightful breed known for its calm and pleasant nature. This adorable pet is famous for its big, expressive eyes and cute, bunny-like ears.  


With their charming almond-shaped eyes and a big, adorable flat nose, they are irresistible! Their bodies are muscular, with strong hindquarters and lengthy legs. Their fur is short and snug, with a smooth and soft texture.  


The Abyssinians are loving companion cats they are active and like to play, which makes them an excellent choice for homes with kids.  


These active pets enjoy climbing and require ample space to play and keep their energy up. They’re smart critters who love picking up new tricks to keep you entertained with their playful antics.  


Moreover, these adorable felines enjoy cuddling just like any other breed. However, owners must socialize them early to prevent them from becoming timid adults. 


Cornish Rex


Size8-12 inches
Weight: 6-10 lbs
Life Expectancy:11-15 years
Personality:Intelligent, graceful, friendly


Meet the adorable Cornish Rex cat with a big, cute nose! 

Cute Cornish Rex kitty sitting on a closet!

The Cornish Rex is a small and muscular cat with a fit and graceful appearance, almost like a cartoon drawing.  


Moreover, this breed was designed to have a unique appearance and a highly sociable nature. This little cutie is perfect for apartment living!  


The Cornish Rex has short, wavy hair that can be curly or straight. They’re also known as Poodle cats.   


This little cutie has a big nose, eyes, a slim face, and large paws! These pets are famous for their playful nature and knack for adjusting to any situation.  


Cornish Rex cats are great at leash walking and playing fetch with toys! These clever cats love to learn and make excellent pets for families who enjoy spending quality time with them every day. 


Turkish Van 


Size10 – 14 inches
Weight:10 –  20 lbs
Life Expectancy:12 – 17 years 
Personality:Playful, energetic, smart 


Meet the adorable Turkish Van cat with a big, beautiful nose! 

stunning van cat with one green eye and one blue eye!


The Turkish Van is a stunning cat breed from Turkey. These cats have beautiful, flowing fur and adorable big ears.  


One thing that sets them apart is their adorable whiskers and big noses! Their eyes are shaped like almonds and usually come in green or blue shades.  


Turkish Vans are playful and enjoy human company. Pets are super smart, can learn tricks, and do simple tasks like fetching or opening doors.  


They love their owners and are very affectionate. These cuddly cats enjoy being held and happily follow you around the house, always seeking affection and attention.  


The Turkish Van is a perfect companion for an active lifestyle. They are full of personality and will happily join you in all your adventures. However, they also enjoy their fair share of napping like any other cat.  


These cats are perfect for seeking a unique, laid-back, low-maintenance pet. 




Size8-10 inches
Life Expectancy:15-20years 
Personality:Affectionate, fun-loving, friendly


Meet the adorable Siamese cat with a big nose! Stunning Cats With Big Noses

Beautiful Siamese cat with blue eyes enjoying the summer outdoors


Siamese cats have unique appearances. They have big noses, broad faces, and long bodies. Their almond-shaped eyes are simply captivating and graceful. 


Their fur is medium to long and feels soft. Seal point is the most common coat color. 


Their legs are long and slender, and they have beautiful rosettes on their body. Their tail is bushy and taper to a point.  


Siamese cats are famous for their unique looks and friendly personalities. They are smart, loving, and always ready to socialize. Pets love being around people and often express themselves through vocalizations.  


Whether you adopt or buy from a breeder, Siamese cats are popular among cat lovers everywhere. They are not overly expensive, making them a desirable option for many. 




Size9 – 13 inches
Weight:8 –  12 lbs
Life Expectancy:10 – 17 years 
Personality:Active, curious, and smart 


Meet the adorable Burmese cat with a big nose! 

Burmese cat sitting and gazing at something curiously.

These pets have muscular bodies with surprisingly heavy bones and muscles. 


The Burmese cat is a beautiful breed known for its sleek coat and affectionate nature. They make wonderful companions and are great for families or individuals looking for a loving pet.

The Burmese cat comes from Burma and is a delightful mix of Eastern charm and Western friendliness. 


The modern Burmese we know today was created by mixing this breed with Siamese cats. 


The Burmese are medium-sized cats, but be aware of their size! They have solid bones and muscles. 


One of the most adorable things about them is their big, expressive eyes that come in a captivating yellow or amber color. 


The cat’s nose is long and adds to its charming features. 

FAQs about Stunning Cats With Big Noses


Do Male Cats Have Larger Noses? 

Male cats have larger and broader nose wings than females. 

Male cats are bigger. When it comes to facial features, the differences between genders are not as noticeable as differences in physical size. 


Why Do Cats Love Nose Bumps? 

Cats greet each other gently, touching noses like humans shake hands. Sniffing helps pets share scents and build bonds of familiarity and trust. 


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