The Difference Between Male And Female Siamese Cats- An In-Depth Comparison

The Difference Between Male And Female Siamese Cats- An In-Depth Comparison

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Siamese cats are well-known for their people-centric personalities. This little cute cat breed has high levels of intelligence, loyalty, and socialization . You’ve probably decided to get a Siamese cat, but you’re not sure whether to get a male or female. Although both genders have incredible qualities, they behave and have a personality in slightly different ways.


Male and female Siamese cats can have different personalities, depending on their upbringing and how they were socialized as kittens. Another thing to think about is whether you’ve had your cat neutered. Male and female cats act in very different ways.

For example, female cats that haven’t been neutered may be much more needy and affectionate, while males may be more territorial and aggressive.
Even though the differences between the sexes of Siamese can be subtle, we hope that the following detailed information will help you to make an informed choice about which gender is excellent for you.
There are only slight differences in how male and female Siamese cats act. This is because a cat’s behavior is based on its personality, not gender. The most obvious differences are seen in pets that haven’t been neutered or spayed. Because of this, when a cat reaches sexual maturity, several physical and behavioral changes occur
As before said, personality differences vary greatly based on various conditions. Let’s discuss these differences between male and female Siamese cats in detail. 

Visual Differences Between Male and Female Siamese Cats


Visual Differences Between Male and Female Siamese Cats

Male Vs Female Siamese Cats

At a Glance 
Male Siamese Cat

  • Average height : 1113 inches 
  • Average weight : 8–13 pounds 
  • Lifespan: 15–20 years
Female Siamese Cat

  • Average height : 10–12 inches 
  • Average weight : 5–10 pounds 
  • Lifespan: 15–20 years

 Difference Between Male And Female Siamese Cats Behavior?


When it comes to find Difference Between Male And Female Siamese Cats Behavior? Siamese males are loving and playful. On the other hand, Siamese females are quieter and more well-mannered.


 It’s not like you can pick one over the other. It depends on your preferences if you’re considering getting a Siamese cat. Choose a cat with your personality.
Male Siamese cats love their owners’ attention. Unfortunately, female Siamese cats aren’t as playful. As a result, Siamese cat owners generally feel that female cats are less of a handful.
Neutering or spaying a Siamese cat is a crucial influence in shaping their social behavior, and this is true for both male and female cats.
Keeping a male Siamese cat that hasn’t been neutered can be difficult. Cat gets too aggressive if he isn’t neutered or spayed when he should be. Without precautions, he would likely try to get out of the home to give in to its demands.
On the other hand, female Siamese cats that hadn’t been spayed or neutered would start to act strangely when they were in heat. When they are in heat, they may try to leave the nest to find a mate, just like male cats do. During this time, they have a range of feelings. At one point, they may show love and affection, and then suddenly, they may be very mean.
Most experts recommend that cat owners have their cats neutered as soon as they get them as kittens. This would stop many of their cat’s strange behavior as an adult.

Differences in Size

Both male and female Siamese cats have average sizes. Their look is likewise distinctive. Most of the time, they are powerful and active. In terms of physical dimensions, male and female Siamese cats are slightly different in size from one another.
Male Siamese cats generally are larger and taller than their female counterparts. Male Siamese cats can weigh anywhere from 7 to 12 pounds and measure 29 to 36 cm in height.
Female Siamese cats tend to be smaller and shorter than their male counterparts, with an average height and weight of 27-32 centimeters and 6-9 pounds, respectively.
The reasons why some Siamese cats are on the tiny side are as follows:
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • Breeding for certain traits; for example, some breeders of Siamese cats selectively favor smaller Siamese cats as breeding stock.

Differences in Physical Appearance

It might be challenging to determine the gender of a Siamese cat just by looking at it. This is particularly true while they are still kittens.
Siamese cats are dimorphic; males and females look different. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. But there are straightforward ways to tell them apart.
A female Siamese cat’s genital hole is vertical, unlike the male’s spherical opening. The male Siamese cat has a more generous genital space, as measured by the distance between the anus and the genital entrance.

The Difference in Eating Habits

Male Siamese cats have a higher caloric need than females due to their greater size. Your cat’s activity level is a significant factor in their dietary preferences. If you give your cat a lot of activity, he will most likely eat more than he would if he didn’t.

Studies have also revealed that female Siamese cats consume more food when pregnant. The female Siamese cat’s appetite increases when she is nursing. Therefore, when kittens are born, their mothers expend much energy producing breastmilk for them.

The Personality of the Male Siamese Cat 

Male Siamese cats are often loving, extroverted, and cuddly; you’ll always be able to tell when a male Siamese is around. They are highly devoted to the individuals they consider the closest to them, particularly their immediate families, and can be very “engaging.” However, Siamese cats love to share their experiences with their owners. Therefore, this might not be your best breed if you find constant meowing annoying. 

When they are not neutered, they act very differently than females do. Male cats that haven’t been neutered can be more likely to be aggressive, do damage, and act territorially, like spraying pee around the house. This action is typical of male cats and will go away after neutering. 

The Personality of Female Siamese Cats

Like males, female Siamese cats are excellent companions for the right owners. They make fantastic cuddlers and are content to spend hours just hanging out with their owners. Both male and female Siamese cats often don’t think twice about jumping on your lap or sleeping beside you at night.

Female Siamese cats are reportedly less “in-your-face” and more independent than males. Of course, this is only a generalization, but it seems female Siamese are a little more reserved and less needy than males. In addition, females tend to calm down after being spayed or neutered, whilst males are said to become too affectionate.

How Does Spaying or Neutering Affect a Siamese Cats Behavior?

When a cat
is spayed or neutered, its reproductive organs are surgically removed. This treatment has been shown to alter the personalities of both male and female Siamese cats for the better and eliminate any undesirable traits.

When male Siamese cats are neutered, they become much more friendly and outgoing. This is because their bodies no longer produce as much testosterone. As a result, the cat’s personality and looks will drastically alter when this hormone drops. The cat’s personality and looks will drastically alter when this hormone drops.

These changes include

  • Remarkably, less aggressive behavior
  • Reduced territoriality; won’t spray to indicate territory indoors
  • Reduced Activity ( in some cats)
  • Reduced muscular mass
  • The will to fight diminishes
  • Friendlier and more community-minded
  • More affection
  • The cat has no wanderlust
  • The cat will lose interest in seeking a mate while roaming
Similarly, female Siamese cats undergo significant personality and behavioral shifts after spaying. Reduced oestrogen levels also lessen a range of undesirable behaviors, including:
  • A cat’s hormone levels fluctuate throughout its heat cycles, leading to irritation, restlessness, and anxiety. A spayed cat will not go through these mood swings because of the lack of hormones.
  • Because oestrogen levels were lower, they were less aggressive.
  • Since the cat won’t be in heat, male cats won’t be interested in it.
Generally, a female Siamese cat will act more passively, giving it a more reserved personality.

How Big Do Male Siamese Cats Get


 When we find Difference Between Male and Female Siamese Cats, Male Siamese Cats are strong and somewhat bigger than Female Siamese cats

Male Siamese Cat

Male Siamese cats range in height from 29 to 31 cm and weigh 4 to 6 kg. Compared to their female counterparts, male Siamese cats appear more muscular and athletic. 
 Male Siamese cats are noticeably longer than they are tall. Therefore, if you own a male Siamese cat, you must ensure that their diet is proper for their size and weight. 
 Around the age of two years old, both male and female Siamese cats cease developing further. Therefore, if you want your male cat to have a long and healthy life, you need to feed him only the best. 

One last thing to think about if you want to turn your Siamese into a monster cat is getting it neutered or spayed. 

How Big Do Female Siamese Cats Get 


Difference Between Male and Female Siamese Cats

Female Siamese Cat

Female Siamese cats may range in size from 2.5 to 4.5 kg in weight and 27 to 31 cm in height. Female Siamese cats tend to be smaller and shorter than their male counterparts. Some types of Siamese female cats are way below average.`
 Also, it’s important to remember that the size of a Siamese female cat might vary from one individual to the next. Some reach far larger than standard height, while others are much less than usual.  Some owners consider getting their cats spayed or neutered to boost feline size. 

Are Male Cats More Affectionate Than Female Cats? 

A cat’s affection depends on many things, not only its gender including its breed, how well it was socialized as a kitten, and its overall personality
Male and female Siamese cats are affectionate, friendly, and loving, although most owners claim males exhibit more affection and want more care
Males are more involved because they like spending time with their parents. Regarding personality, males are also very outgoing and like to have fun. However, it’s up to the individual cat, how they were reared, and the environment they were exposed to determine how much love and devotion they show to their human companions
Since both sexes of Siamese Cat Breed can be kind and affectionate, their individuality ultimately stands out. However, because of Siamese Cats reputation for being more “dog-like,” they get along well with other pets and people of all ages

Are Male Siamese Cats Aggressive? 

Male Siamese cats are not usually more aggressive than females. However, Siamese cats are predisposed to be territorial and protective; therefore, they may exhibit aggressive tendencies to guard their place in certain situations

Which Is the Better Pet, Male or Female Siamese Cats 

Siamese cats are wonderful companions regardless of whether you choose a male or female. Both males and females cats are faithful and protective. 
In most cases, the cat’s temperament is determined not by its gender but by its breed. However, Siamese cats exhibit a degree of variation. You will notice the significant difference when Siamese cats are intact instead of neutered
To be clear, male and female Siamese cats are equally good as pets. The way you feel about your pet reveals a lot about who you are as a person. If you take good care of your pet, he will reward you by becoming a great companion. 
 Both sexes exhibit different behavior after being neutered. The male gets friendlier and cuddlier, while females become more reserved. 

Male Vs Female Siamese Cats

Male Siamese Cat


Playful and enjoys receiving attention


Loves company 


Mostly roams


Increasing in Affection 


Unneutered males are violent


Unneutered males territorial urination habit


Average life expectancy 



Female Siamese Cat


Reserved and well-behaved






Averagely friendly


Become protective when on heat 


Unneutered females sprays as well


Longer lifespan 



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