Difference Between Male And Female Sphynx Cats

Difference Between Male And Female Sphynx Cats

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Getting a new Sphynx cat is a lot of fun. People are drawn to these hairless cats because they are different and smart. It can be hard to choose between a male or female Sphynx cat because the two sexes act and love in very different ways. Here’s the difference between male and female sphynx cats I’ve learned from my research and what Sphynx owners have told me.


Eight out of ten Sphynx cat owners agreed that their male Sphynx is much more friendly, affectionate, and playful than their female Sphynx. Male Sphynx is a firm favorite among owners, who have concluded they have the best overall personality and traits.


Let’s look at both male and female Sphynx cats to help you decide which is best. Remember that even though males are thought to be better, the real difference between them is their personalities, which shape their characters.


Difference Between Male and Female Sphynx Cats: Personality


Difference Between Male And Female Sphynx Cats


Sphynx Cats, Male


Male sphynx cats are more calm and more easygoing because they are friendly and know how to have fun. These cats have a lot of energy, are always on the move, and love to explore. Sometimes, this makes them mischievous and silly.


Males are also much more affectionate, which can be seen in how they act, like how they are always cuddling, rubbing themselves on you, following you around, and being very submissive. They can also sometimes become too attached.


They are great with kids and other pets and fit right in with the rest of the family. The fact that they are friendly makes them easy to like, and they usually get along with everyone, including strangers and family members.


Male Sphynx cats almost act like puppies, which is a good example of how friendly and outgoing they are. These are the exact things that draw many people to this amazing breed.


Sphynx Cats Female


If you want a sweet, calm, self-controlled, and quiet cat, look for one with these traits. If so, you should get a female Sphynx cat. These cats are usually shyer and more ladylike, but they can still be very brave to impress or scare people.


People often call female Sphynx cats “divas” because they like to act silly and have a lot of glamour. Everything must be done on their terms and only if they feel like it, from how they snuggle to how they carry themselves.


These cats are also loving but don’t need people all the time because they can do fine on their own. They look more independent but are just as cuddly and passive as they look.


Females can also be friendly, but it takes them longer to open up and get used to people before they can talk to them. Their lack of trust makes them harder to win over.


Difference Between Male and Female Sphynx Cats: Size


The average weight of a Sphynx cat is between 8 and 14 pounds. These cats have a unique shape because their bodies are slim, dense, and muscular, but they are also very well-equipped for their size. At first glance, they might look small and unimpressive, but don’t be fooled: these bad boys are slim but strong and muscular.


Even though there are some exceptions, females Sphynx are usually smaller and weigh between 6 and 8 pounds. Compared to most males, they tend to be tall and thin. They may be smaller than the male, but they are just as strong, athletic, and active as the male.


Size-wise, the male sphynx cat is a little bit bigger. They have stronger bones and more muscled bodies. Most male sphynx cats weigh between 8 and 14 pounds, but a few exceptions exist. Some male sphynx cats may even weigh more than 14 pounds because they are athletic and have more muscle and dense bones.


Difference Between Male And Female Sphynx Cats: Lifespan?


Difference Between Male And Female Sphynx Cats


The average age of a domestic cat has grown a lot over time. This is because the cats stay inside where they are safe, cared for, and can get good medical care. The average life span for a sphynx is between 8 and 14 years. This depends directly on how well the kittens are raised since some breeders are careless. While some reputable breeders pick the healthiest and longest-living animals to breed, getting rid of any defects.


Studies show that female sphynx tend to live longer than male sphynx. It has also been found that, on average, a cat’s life expectancy drops with its weight. This explains why males live shorter lives on average, even though they are bigger than females.


Due to their inherent mischief and physical strength, males are more likely to be involved in incidents and accidents. One of the sphynx cats who lived the longest was named Rex and lived for an amazing 34 years. There was also a sphynx that was said to have lived for at least 14 years and maybe even 20 years. It is all about care, upkeep, and getting good kittens.


Do Male Sphynx Cats Spray?

All cats spray urine to mark their territory, but male cats do it more often because it’s an instinct. Also, if you have a sphynx breed cat, you will have to deal with spraying. Still, males are more often known to spray than females. High testosterone levels are also to blame, and you don’t want the strong smell of their urine to hang around your house.


On the other hand, a female sphynx is nothing like a male. Some female sphynx owners say their cats sometimes spray, but not very often. Other female sphynx owners say that their cats never spray. Some female sphynx cats had been spayed, but others had not. No matter what, their chances of spraying are much lower than those of males.


It would be best to neuter or spay your cats before they are six months old to make them less likely to spray. Also, it’s important to remember that fixing them doesn’t stop them from spraying. So, females are better and less likely to spray urine than males, whether fixed or not.


Sphynx Cat Behavior After Neutralization/Spaying


When an animal is neutered or spayed, its reproductive organs are removed. This procedure is very important because it helps them eliminate bad habits and sexual urges that make them angry and moody.


Only hormone-related behaviors, like sexual urges, restlessness, increased aggression, and moodiness, are changed by this medical procedure. The cat’s personality and temperament will not change because they are shaped by their upbringing and training.


Males get neutered to stop them from acting sexually in ways that aren’t acceptable and to stop them from being aggressive because of their sexual urges. When a male is neutered, he won’t try to run away because he’ll be happy inside.


Neutering makes them less likely to spray; even if they do, the spray won’t smell bad. Male sphynxes are usually cleaner, smell less, less territorial, and much calmer and less active overall. They also learn to be more patient and kind.


Females get spayed to stop hormone-driven compulsive behavior and stop them from having kittens they don’t want. Hormone levels drop dramatically when a female’s reproductive organs are removed.


This will stop the cat from going into heat and stop her from being restless and anxious, acting in a way she can’t stop, making a lot of noise, and needing to spray.


Interesting Facts About Sphynx Cats


Sphynx Cars are Not Hypoallergenic

They’re not hypoallergenic, which is a surprise. You might think a cat with no hair would be safe for people with allergies, but the Sphynx isn’t completely safe.


Cat dander, not cat hair, makes people with allergies sick, and the Sphynx still makes some of that even though it has almost no hair. They are much less likely than other cats to bother people with sensitive respiratory systems, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.


You can lessen the risk by giving them regular baths, but you may still get stuffy and sneeze when you’re around these animals.


Sphynx Cats are not Completely Hairless

Even though they look like they have no hair, Sphynxes have fine fur that looks like suede or the skin of a peach. It gives them a great feel, but it might be a surprise if you were expecting skin-on-skin contact when you picked one up.


The fact that they don’t have whiskers or eyelashes can be surprising. However, these cats seem to get along just fine despite their apparent lack of such features.


Sphynx Cats Have Different Colors and Patterns

Difference Between Male And Female Sphynx Cats

It’s yet another one of these cats’ surprises that they can be found in various colors and patterns, something you might not expect from a hairless animal.


However, sphynxes can pull this off because their skin is pigmented, allowing them to take on various colors. You can find Sphynx in almost any color or pattern, like solid, calico, tortoiseshell, and more. You can even find a black Sphynx cat if you look hard enough.


Final Thoughts on Male vs Female Sphynx Cats


Sphynx, both male, and female are great pets. Depending on what you’re searching for, for example, a cat to snuggle with, share a close friendship with, or even enjoy fun playtimes. The male sphynx will be the best choice. On the other hand, the female Sphynx is ideal if you want a more reserved cat, quieter and full of glitz and tricks.


In the end, it depends on both gender and personality. It’s safest to buy sphynx cats from licensed breeders with good reputations. This way, you can meet the kitten before deciding to buy it. This will give you some time to get a sense of who they are and how they generally act.


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