How Long Until A Sheepadoodle Is Full Grown? Sheepadoodle Weight Calculator

How Long Until A Sheepadoodle Is Full Grown? Sheepadoodle Weight Calculator

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A Sheepadoodle, a hybrid designer dog breed, takes around two years to reach adulthood. The Poddle Sheepdog mix is popular with pet owners because of its adorable appearance and friendly personality. When a Sheepadoodle reaches full maturity, at about 1 to 2 years old, its growth stops. This means that by the time a puppy reaches the age of two, most of their physical development has stopped.


These dogs are highly sought after by pet owners due to their sleek and lengthy coats, friendly personalities, and high levels of intelligence. Yet, pet owners often need to understand their growth data. How long until a Sheepadoodle is full grown? or when do they stop growing? This blog covers all the details of Sheepadoodle development from puppyhood to adult life.


Sheepadoodle Growth and Development Factors


The Assessed age at which a Sheepadoodle is reported to stop growing varies across all size variants, making it difficult to generalize about Sheepadoodle growth. And these sizes depend on factors such as:


Parents: The Sheepadoodle is often known as a hybrid dog breed consisting of Sheepdogs and Poodles. Since this designer dog breed takes on qualities from both parents equally, predicting which traits an individual pup will exhibit can be challenging. The size difference is huge from one parent breed to another.


The three sizes of poodles known to us are the miniature, the standard, and the toy. Because of this, Sheepadoodles come in three sizes: miniature (Toy), Medium and Standard.


Gender: The gender of a Sheepadoodle is a crucial factor in determining its size and growth, as is the case with all canine breeds. Accepting a Sheepsdoodle from a breeder who provides litter size evaluations will help you anticipate whether you’ll get a small female or a large male, given that males are often more prominent in stature and body mass than females.


Breeding: As an easy-to-understand example, the first generation Sheepadoodles (denoted by the letter “F”) result from a straight cross between Poodles and Old English Sheepdogs. The second generation is the F1B.


How a breeder handles the transition between litters is affected by the Sheepadoodle’s size. Breeders occasionally cross an F1B Sheepadoodle with a Poodle to produce a low-shedding variety or shorter dog. To create a smaller Micro Mini Sheepdoodle, breeders typically cross an F1B Toy Sheepadoodle with a Toy Poodle.


How Long Until a Sheepadoodle is Full Grown?


How Long Until A Sheepadoodle Is Full Grown? Sheepadoodle Weight Calculator


As previously indicated, Sheepadoodles are classified as F1 or F1 B based on their crossbreed type. Please find the best information about Sheepadoodle growth based on their class in the list below.


Large Sheepadoodle

The Giant Sheepadoodle originates from a hybrid between a large English Sheepdog and a smaller standard poodle. When they mate, a new, big Sheepadoodle is born. Once the large Sheepadoodle reaches a height of around 27 inches and a weight of about 80 to 100 pounds, it is said to have reached maturity.


A Standard Sheepadoodle

Standard Sheepadoodles are the offspring of an old English dog and a standard poodle. Fully Grown, a standard Sheepadoodle will have reached a height of 22–27 inches and a weight of 60–80 pounds.


Miniature Sheepadoodle

The Miniature Sheepadoodle results from the breeding of the Old English Sheepdog and the Toy Poodle. Miniature Sheepadoodles typically weigh 25-60 lb. and measure 15-22 in height.


Toy Sheepadoodle

The toy Sheepadoodle mixes the traditional English Sheepdog and the beloved toy poodle. The average height for a dog of this designer kind is 15 inches, and its average weight is 10–25 pounds.


Mini Sheepadoodle

Some breeders even go it a step further and supply a Sheepadoodle that is too little to be considered a toy. They do this by inheriting a toy Sheepadoodle with a toy poodle. The Micro Mini Sheepadoodle is the most minor and most expensive variant of the Sheepadoodle, standing only 4–6 inches tall and weighing less than 10 pounds.


When Does a Sheepadoodle Stop Growing?


Now that we know how the Sheepadoodle varies in size and what factors contribute to that, we can adequately describe this breed. As a result, we can more accurately predict when an adult Sheepadoodle will stop developing. Every variation of Sheepadoodle reaches maturity at its own pace due to the direct correlation between initial size and eventual maturity. The Sheepadoodle matures more rapidly than the standard poodle. You can see Sheepadoodle’s development in the following table.


Sheepadoodle BreedMatureFully-Adulted
Toy Sheepadoodle3.5 - 5 Months9 - 11 Months
Mini Sheepadoodle3.5 - 5 Months9 - 13 Months
Standard Sheepadoodle5 - 6 Months12 - 18 Months
Large Sheepadoodle5 - 6 Months12 - 16 Months

How Big will my Sheepadoodle Get Weigh Calculator

Several dog breeders provide estimated puppy sizes based on the average sizes of the dogs bred from the same set of parents in the past. In the absence of such access, a weight prediction calculator can help.

You can more accurately predict when your Sheepadoodle will reach maturity if you know what type of Sheepadoodle you have. If you know a Sheepadoodle’s age, you can approximate its top size.


Toy Sheepadoodle Weight Predictions

Due to their small size, Toy and Micro Mini Sheepadoodles reach half their adult weight when they are 3.5 to 5 months old. They often get their total adult weight at ages 7.5 and 11 months. With this formula, you may determine the precise weight of a Toy Sheepadoodle.

Estimated adult weight = 15-week weight multiplied 2


Small or Medium Sheepadoodle Weight Predictions

Miniature Sheeepadoodles reach half their adult weight at 3.5-5 months and total weight at 11-13 months. You can use this formula to get the precise size of your Miniature or Medium Sheepadoodle,

Estimated adult weight = 18-week weight multiplied by 2


Standard Sheepadoodle  Weight Predictions

Your Standard Sheepadoodle will be around half its final size at 4.5-6 months of age. By 12.5-16 months, you can aim for full size. You can quickly determine the standard Sheepadoodle’s expected weight with the following formula.

Estimated adult weight = 23-week weight multiplied by 2


Large Sheepadoodle Weight Predictions

The bigger your Giant Sheepadoodle gets, the later it will get its signs of maturity. Between 4.5 and 6 months, it will be half its absolute size, and between 12.5 and 16 months, it will reach full size. Use the approximate formula for calculating weight given below.

Estimated adult weight = 23–32-week weight multiplied 2


Final Thought


The Sheepadoodle is the most popular designer dog breed, and its size and appearance may be customized. In this post, we’ve provided a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of Sheepadoodle development. To accurately measure the Sheepadoodle’s height and weight, it’s crucial to understand the breed’s variation.


You can also write the relevant information on the note to maximize their health. The more you know about canine development and health fundamentals, the better off you and your companion will be. If you possess a Sheepadoodle and you are concerned how long until a Sheepadoodle is full grown? I hope you find the provided information to be helpful.

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