How To Get My Dog To Stop Eating Wood?

How To Get My Dog To Stop Eating Wood?

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Chewing and biting is one of the most prevalent behaviors of dogs that can cost their owners

money. Chewing on wooden furniture by these man’s best companion animals is a problem and a

nuisance for many dog lovers. Therefore, ignoring your dog for even a moment may result in

catastrophic damage to the furniture and other wooden items in your home.  


Wood-chewing can also damage your dog’s health, beginning with splinters on the gums caused by

small pieces or shards.  


How To Get My Dog To Stop Eating Wood?


How to get my dog to stop eating wood? To stop this, you need to know why dogs chew on wood. 


Understand the Reasons That Make Dogs to Chew Wood 


During the first few months of their lives, puppies frequently cause damage to furniture and shoes

by biting and gnawing on them. It is anticipated, as chewing alleviates the discomfort and pain

associated with teething for puppies. But why do adult canines continue to display this behavior?  


Depending on the breed, hunting dogs, for example, have the instinct to investigate everything with

their mouths. 


How To Get My Dog To Stop Eating Wood?

To prevent dogs from chewing on wood, you must first comprehend why they do it; only then can

you take steps to stop it.  Several things could be causing this behavior, such as: 


Need for Mental Stimulants: Dogs become weary quickly and seek out alternative activities.

Chewing is one of the greatest mental stimulants for dogs because they develop the habit of

chewing while growing and find it enjoyable.


Anxiety: When left alone for a lengthier period of time than anticipated, some senior dogs tend to

become anxious. They then engage in detrimental behavior, and chewing is the most effective way

to release their pent-up energy. Be disastrous! will be their brain’s command. 


Teething: When teething, it is common for infants to gnaw on wood or anything else that seems

appealing to their irritated gums. This is done to alleviate the discomfort and agony associated with



Exploration:  Biting and chewing on everything that catches your eye is just normal. Dogs desire to

investigate everything with their jaws. However, this also indicates that their intellect is active and

that they are socially healthy. 


To solve this problem and ensure the safety of your creatures, it is essential to identify the root

cause. These steps can be applied slowly with interactive toys to stimulate the mind. The second is

to provide a safe chew toy that satisfies their gnawing urge without causing damage to your



How to Get My Dog to Stop Eating Wood


Five easy tips to stop dogs from eating on wood. 

It is a difficult task to train a dog to cease chewing on wood. You can teach your dogs to stop doing

this, though, if you are careful, patient, and consistent. Here are some helpful training guidelines for

your beloved pets: 


 Provide Good Chew Toys


Provide them with suitable chew items. Giving them another thing to chew on. Let them pick their

favorite toy instead of wood. 




This will teach them to gnaw on toys instead of wood until they become accustomed to not seeing wood. 

Playtime Supervision 


Always monitor playtime, and you must take additional precautions to prevent canines from

accessing wooden furniture. Or anything that they could potentially eat. You could also clear out

your dog’s free-roaming yard. It’s best if the area is free of wood. Scatter toys are their favorite

plaything instead of wood. 


Redirect Their Focus


How To Get My Dog To Stop Eating Wood?


If you find them chewing on something they’re not supposed to, redirect their attention by offering

them a toy or some treats rather than reprimanding them. You can also attempt to distract them by

calling or hurling the toy, and then asking them to retrieve it for a reward. 


Implement Positive Reinforcement 


Praising and rewarding dogs instead of punishing them. This will only add to the confusion and

frustration already present. Your dog has sharp canines, so you must provide them with toys to

keep them apart while they play. 

  How To Get My Dog To Stop Eating Wood?

This will also reduce the possibility that your canines will bite us by accident. 


 Patience is Crucial


Your puppies and dogs do not begin as perfect learners, but with your patient and care, they will

become intelligent and well-mannered! 


Benefits of Reward-Based Training for Chewing



Reward-based training is also a great method to teach your dog not to chew on furniture, shoes, or

other items around the house. When your canines are properly trained, they will know what is

acceptable and what is not.  


The Most Effective Toys and Treats to Prevent Dogs from

Eating Wood  


Chewing is an annoyance for the majority of pet owners. It is difficult to locate toys and treats

that will prevent canines from destroying furniture and other objects. Fortunately, there are

many toys and treats available that can prevent them from gnawing on wood.  


These products, ranging from interactive puzzle toys to edible chews, provide a fun distraction while

also satisfying a dog’s instinct to chew. With a variety of toys and treats, canines will stay away from

that expensive furniture in no time. 


Give Them Attention So That They Can Cease Wood



One factor is that your dog chews on everything due to a lack of attention or a desire for owners’

attention. Negative attention to a dog is also attention to the dog. They may gnaw on wood on

purpose because they know you will stop them and that will garner your attention. 


Giving your creatures more of your attention and more affection will improve their behavior.  

 It is always beneficial to engage with your pets when they are more active. Playing, walking, and

running with your canines is also a form of physical activity. Aside from that, the bond between the

dog and its owner is now stronger than before. 


And showing your dogs more affection and love by petting them is a method to have more

interactions in order to alleviate their anxiety. 


Final Thought


As natural explorers, the dogs will attempt to use their mouths as often as possible. Almost

everything is commonly chewed, and one of the most popular, which is also hazardous, is wood. To

address the problem of how to get my dog to stop eating wood, it is essential to comprehend its



The 5 easy ways to get your dog to quit chewing are a great place to start. Then incorporating

positive reinforcement training into your dog’s daily routine will aid in their good behavior. You can

provide them with more and varied tools to prevent them from becoming bored with their plaything.  



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