French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: A Guide to the Pomerdog Breed

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: A Guide to the Pomerdog Breed

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If you’re searching for the perfect furry companion, look no further than the French Pomerdog—a delightful crossbreed of the French Bulldog and Pomeranian. This adorable French bulldog Pomeranian mix combines the best features of both breeds, creating a small yet enchanting canine friend. Join us on a journey to explore the characteristics, history, and care tips for the French Pomerdog.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: Characteristics 




The French Pomerdog, resembling a canine crafted by Steiff, boasts a round face, big ears, and a coat of fuzzy fur that adds to its undeniable charm. Despite being small-to-medium in size, this breed strikes a balance between the stockiness of the French Bulldog and the daintiness of the Pomeranian.


Size and Coat


As a small-sized mixed breed, the Pomerdog has no specific breed standard. Their coats vary in colors inherited from both parent breeds, often featuring a thicker, puffy coat resembling the Pomeranian’s. Common colors include white, tan, and black. The variety in coat types and colors adds to the individuality of each Pomerdog.

Height, Weight, and Lifespan


Standing at 9 to 12 inches and weighing approximately 6 to 11 lbs, the French Pomerdog’s compact size makes it suitable for various living spaces. With a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, this delightful mix promises a decade of joy and companionship.


Character & Temperament of French Pomerdog


Known for their sweet, playful, and loving nature, French Pomerdogs make amiable companions for children and other household pets. Socialization during puppyhood is crucial, given the Pomeranian’s touchiness. Their sensitivity makes them well-suited for a stable home environment with responsible children or calm adults seeking canine companionship.




The Pomerdog inherits versatile traits from its parent breeds, making it well-suited for various lifestyles. Despite its smaller size, this crossbreed is a great lapdog and a loving family companion, combining the friendliness of the Pomeranian and the unique personality of the French Bulldog.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: Training and Exercise


Training the Pomerdog can be a rewarding but sometimes challenging experience due to its parent breeds’ stubborn nature. Consistency, positive reinforcement, and early socialization are crucial for molding good behavior. Daily training sessions of 5-10 minutes and enrollment in puppy classes enhance their social skills. Regular exercise, including at least thirty minutes of walks, ensures mental stimulation and prevents undesirable behaviors.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: About & History


The French Pomerdog, a recent hybrid, draws its lineage from the French Bulldog and Pomeranian, two beloved breeds with rich histories.


French Bulldog: Originating in the 19th century, the French Bulldog emerged as a pocket-sized version of the Bulldog. Its popularity soared among Nottinghamshire lace workers and later in France when they migrated, establishing the French Bulldog as a distinct breed.


Pomeranian: Descending from the Spitz group, the Pomeranian became a royal companion in 18th-century England. This “Wolf dog” was imported into England, marking the beginning of its rise to popularity.


Pomerdog Personality 


The Pomerdog exhibits a good-natured and loving temperament with those they know well but may be initially standoffish with strangers. Early socialization is crucial for a well-rounded companion, and positive reinforcement training helps address behavioral issues. This breed’s personality traits make them suitable for families and individuals alike.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: Health


While Pomerdogs from responsible breeders are generally healthy, it’s essential to be aware of potential genetic predispositions. Health issues such as hip dysplasia, obesity, glaucoma, allergies, asthma, lung issues, cataracts, and brachycephaly complications may arise later in these dogs’ lives. Regular veterinary check-ups and a well-balanced diet contribute to their overall well-being.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix : Care, Feeding, and Grooming



Regular exercise, mental stimulation, and a secure environment are essential for the Pomerdog. They make great apartment dogs with proper training and exercise. Given their potential for separation anxiety, Pomerdogs thrive in homes where the owners are frequently present or can bring them to work.




A diet suited to a small-sized breed with medium energy levels is ideal for the Pomerdog. Food motivated tasks, such as snuffle mats or filled toys, can help stimulate their active minds. Consulting your veterinarian for personalized feeding recommendations ensures the nutritional needs of your Pomerdog are met.




The Pomerdog’s thick coat requires moderate maintenance, with regular brushing sessions (two to three times a week) to keep it looking its best. Their coats will likely be much thicker than a purebred Frenchie’s, but not quite as puffy as a purebred Pomeranian’s. Coat wipes can be useful between baths, and attention to skin folds and nail maintenance is crucial for their overall health.


French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix with Children and Other Pets:


The Pomerdog is typically loving and well-mannered with children, although consideration should be given to their small size. Proper introductions can help them get along with other family dogs and small animals. While sometimes standoffish with strangers, this breed is overall easygoing with almost everyone in the home.


Living with a French Pomerdog


Beyond their physical traits and care requirements, understanding what it’s like to live with a French Pomerdog adds depth to the appreciation of this unique crossbreed. Their affectionate nature makes them wonderful companions, but their sensitivity may mean they prefer quieter households. This insight allows prospective pet parents to create an environment that aligns with the French Pomerdog’s personality.


Choosing a French Pomerdog


Selecting a French Pomerdog involves considering various factors, including the compatibility of their temperament with the household, commitment to regular exercise, and dedication to grooming routines. Understanding their unique needs ensures a harmonious relationship between the pet and its human family.


Rescue Groups


While there are no dedicated Pomerdog rescue groups, consider adopting from local shelters where similar breeds may be available. Choosing rescue pups supports the cause of providing forever homes to deserving dogs.


Final Thoughts about French Pomerdog


In conclusion, the French Pomerdog stands out as more than just an adorable mix; it’s a blend of the best traits from the French Bulldog and Pomeranian. Prospective pet parents should appreciate their sensitivity, exercise requirements, and grooming needs.


The French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix, or Pomerdog, brings a blend of charm, playfulness, and loyalty. Understanding their characteristics, needs, and history ensures a rewarding experience for dog parents seeking a delightful companion. Whether you are a seasoned dog owner or a first-time adopter, the Pomerdog’s unique blend of traits makes them a wonderful addition to various households.


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