Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix A Unique Breed

Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix A Unique Breed

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When you consider the demand for mixed-breed dogs, do you ever find it ironic? 

The Australian Shepherd French Bulldog mix is a unique and exciting breed, with a blend of two

dogs that live different lives.


The French Bulldog is athletic and energetic, while the Australian Shepherd enjoys lying around the

house. When they mate, they produce offspring that are large,

flashy, and in charge. The French Bulldog is bred for different reasons, and the mix is a unique and

interesting dog.


French Aussie Mix


After years of rigorous selection to develop highly popular and distinctive blue-blooded German

Shepherds, Poodles, and Labrador Retrievers, these same purebreds inspire a new generation of

designer dogs. 


The original concept behind designer dogs was to meet the needs of those allergic to dog hair by

breeding dogs with the Poodle’s naturally low-shedding coat. 


Before the Labradoodle swept the globe in the 1980s, breeders experimented with Cocker Spaniels. 


French Bulldogs and Australian Shepherds are two examples of a breed that have recently become

more popular thanks to hybridization inspired by the Doodle craze. 


The Australian French Bulldog mix, sometimes known as a French Bull-Aussie, is a highly unusual

crossbreed. An Aussie-Frenchie is a little dog that is a loving and devoted family pet, which you will

usually see. 


Their activity level and requirements, such as grooming and medical care, are moderate. They are

welcoming of other dogs and pleasant to visitors. 

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Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix History


The French gave French Bulldogs their name, yet these have strong roots in England. Around 1835,

when England finally enacted 1802 legislation banning bullbaiting, the Bulldog gave rise to three

distinct types. 


Australian shepherd French bulldog mix

diluted lilac fawn colored French Bulldog dog puppies wearing bow ties sitting together.


Standard Bulldog:  Focusing on a “more bulldog” appearance resulted in the creation of a less

athletic dog by enlarging the jaws, flattening the skull, and shortening the muzzle. 


The Bulldog-Terrier Breed:  Which includes Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls, was developed to produce

more athletic dogs for hunting vermin and supply a growing dogfighting industry. Bull and terrier

combat rings were smaller than bull- and bear-baiting stadiums in the UK and harder to identify by

law authorities. 


Toy and Miniature Bulldogs:  They were in high demand because of the growing interest in the

breed among pet owners. The Toy Bulldog originated from a mix between a normal Bulldog and a

little ratting dog, possibly a Pug. 


 Like the French Bulldog, the name “Australian Shepherd” is deceptive. They did not originate or

develop in Australia, unlike the Frenchie. According to research, Australia has never claimed the

Australian Shepherd as a native breed.   


Again, in contrast to the French Bulldog, breeders and owners of the Australian Shepherd valued the

dog’s intelligence and working ability over its cuteness. 


Enthusiasts opposed many Aussie registries because they did not want to support a breed standard

that would promote choosing characters based solely on appearances. In 1991, Australian

Shepherds became officially recognized by the AKC. 


Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix:

Adaptation Health


How well each breed handles climate change depends on its unique physical characteristics. 


 Like other short-nosed breeds, French Bulldogs experience worsened respiratory problems during

warm weather. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can occur in Frenchies when temps rise over the



Bulldogs are at risk of overheating because they lack a crucial adaptation feature: a sizeable nasal

tube that can cool breathed air. Extra brachycephalic characteristics, such as an elongated palate,

can exacerbate breathing difficulties and cause a rise in internal body temperature. 


This breed isn’t well suited to the cold because of its narrow nose and breathing problems. 

Additionally, they are vulnerable to freezing conditions due to their short and thin fur. They lose heat

quickly due to their small body size. 


Australian Shepherds can handle cold and hot climates to a certain extent. They start to feel

uncomfortable when it is warmer than 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit or colder than 32 to 25 degrees. 


An Aussie’s double coat is similar to a Shepherd’s, but it is not as thick. The Australian Shepherd’s

coat can withstand the elements because its insulating undercoat protects from the sun’s heat and

ultraviolet rays. 


Your Frenchie/Aussie hybrid will have a shorter muzzle and finer fur than an Australian Shepherd. If

you live in a humid climate or your hybrid French Bulldog is overly active, you should prepare for

some heat sensitivity. 


Also, the Frenchie-Shepherd mix will fare poorly in temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix: Variations on Coat Colors 


Red or blue Merle 

whole black 


Tan and black 


Black and white brindle 


Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix:

Grooming Requirements


The hair of French Bulldogs is short and silky. The fine undercoats of most dogs are lost twice

yearly, in the fall and the spring. 


Australian Shepherds routinely shed their dense, medium-length hair with a thick, velvety



Australian shepherd French bulldog mix

On a warm, sunny summer day, an Australian Shepherd stands on top of a rock and looks out over nature



Your hybrid Australian Shepherd’s fur will be medium-length and possibly wiry or wavy. There is

usually no undercoat on many French Bulldog hybrids. 


Once a week, give your dog a good brushing to remove loose hair and grime. Every other day, wipe

your hybrid’s face gently with a wet cloth if she has extra folds on her face. 


Like all dogs, check your French Bull-Aussie’s ears every week or two and cut her nails every six to

eight weeks. Limit bath time and use mild shampoo when washing your dog. 


Australian shepherd French Bulldog mix:

Exercise Requirements


French Bulldogs, like their English counterparts, are energetic and cannot tolerate long bouts of

exercise. Australian Shepherds, used to herd cattle or sheep at high altitudes, have plenty of

stamina. suggests that Aussies need 30-60 minutes of exercise daily, including intellectual

work and strenuous activity. A perfect blend of French Bulldogs and Australian Shepherds requires

daily 45-60 minutes of exercise.


Be cautious while exercising when the mix resembles French Bulldogs with short legs and muzzles,

avoiding hot conditions and prolonged activity. If your mix resembles an Australian Shepherd, they

may have more stamina and longer legs, allowing them to sustain more exercise. 


French Bulldog/Australian Shepherd Mix:

Intelligence And Trainability


You can’t be sure if your Aussie-Frenchie mix will be intelligent or trainable.   

A well-known animal psychologist put French Bulldogs and Pugs in the high 50s for intellect based

on their obedience and skill at the tasks they were initially bred for. 


He considered a dog’s capacity for both independent and commanded learning. While Frenchies

were ranked as possessing above-average friendship intelligence, Australian Shepherds were only

slightly above-average. 


Average trainability is what you can expect from your Australian Shepherd Frenchie mix. Both

Australian Shepherds and French Bulldogs can be independent and willful. Your hybrid should be

reasonably intelligent; he will learn best if you keep his interest. 


Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix: Health Concerns


Unlike purebred French Bulldogs, Aussie Frenchie mixes do not have characteristically flat faces or

short limbs. However, they could still have obstructive abnormalities, slight respiratory sounds, and

spinal abnormalities. 


The hybrid can acquire eye defects from the Australian Shepherd, including cataracts, progressive

retinal atrophy, collie eye abnormality, and iris coloboma (where the iris fails to grow properly). 


The following health issues are common in Australian Shepherd Frenchie mixes. 


Australia Shepherd’s cataracts 

Ivermectin sensitivity (Collies, Australian Shepherds) prevents heartworm and other parasites. 

French Bulldog skin allergies 


Are Aussie Frenchie Mix Good Family Dogs? 


Australian shepherd French bulldog mix

Brown Australian Shepherd enjoying summertime river swimming


Australian Shepherd mixes are loving and loyal to the family. Most other animals get along with

Frenchies. Due to their history of hunting rodents, the occasional French Bulldog may exhibit a prey

drive toward smaller animals. The majority of French Bulldogs no longer show strong predatory



Aussie Frenchie Mix : with Other Pets 


Australian Shepherds get along well with other dogs and are frequently employed in pairs to herd

them. To herd animals, however, these dogs make extensive use of eye contact. An Aussie’s intense

stare may come seen as hostile or threatening to some dogs. 


Ideally, your Aussie-Frenchie mix would get along with other canine companions. Socialization is

necessary to learn how to communicate with strange canines properly. A home with cats might not

be a suitable fit for your dog. 


However, different French Bulldog/Australian Shepherd mixes react to cats differently, and many

who are reared with cats end up getting along with them. 


Aussie Frenchie Mix : With Children 


Aussies may herd children, but French Bulldogs love them. If your dog is part of a mix, appropriate

training can help prevent it from nipping or herding kids. 


Aussie Frenchie Mix: With Strangers 


Australian Shepherds tend to be wary of strangers but warm up to those they accept. They tend to

be alert but not overly hostile. All people should find French Bulldogs to be endearing. 


An Aussie Frenchie mix will be gregarious and a people-person. Proper socialization is essential to

guarantee that your dog does not behave out of fear. 


Australia Terrier French Bulldog mixes can be excellent watchdogs, at least letting you know if

someone comes onto your property. However, you should expect your mix to be somewhat

independent of guardians and vigilant. 


How Much Does a Frenchie Shepherd Cost?

The price of any mix varies according to the owners and the breeders, but the French 

Bulldog/Australian Shepherd mix can be between $800 and $3,000. Due to the need for C-sections

and the likelihood that the mother and puppies might not survive, French Bulldog mixes are typically


Final Thought

The Frenchie Aussie mix is a loving companion requiring moderate exercise and little care. Although

they shed moderately and aren’t excellent guard dogs, they get along great with kids and other pets

and make lovely additions to any home.


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