Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix: A Unique Breed

Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix: A Unique Breed

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In the world of designer dogs, the Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix, also affectionately known as the French Bull-Aussie, stands out as a unique and rare hybrid.


Join us as we explore the fascinating world of designer dogs, where breeds have woven together like ancient tales. The Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix stands out as a rare and desirable companion in the extensive world of dogs. Imagine a cross between the English-born French Bulldogs and the American-born Australian Shepherds, two breeds with a shared history of herding. There is an intriguing variety of traits and looks displayed by this lovely hybrid.


The charm is in the unexpectedness of characteristics passed down from these unique parents, as much as in the diminutive stature. Every hybrid has its own unique set of characteristics, from the sly furrows of its ear to the mesmerizing shades of its eyes. Come with us as we solve the mystery of the Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix, a designer pleasure where heritage and individuality meet.


French Aussie Mix Origins and History


French Bulldogs: Originating in England, French Bulldogs gained prominence in France after being brought there by lace workers. Over time, they evolved into distinct types, including the Standard Bulldog, Bulldog-Terrier, and Toy Bulldogs. Despite their name, French Bulldogs have a deep-rooted connection with England.


Australian Shepherds: Contrary to their name, Australian Shepherds did not originate in Australia but developed in the United States. Influenced by herding canines brought by the Basque from the Pyrenees, these dogs prioritized working qualities over appearance. They gained recognition by the AKC in 1991.

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Visual Characteristics


Australian shepherd French bulldog mix

On a warm, sunny summer day, an Australian Shepherd stands on top of a rock and looks out over nature

The Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix inherits a blend of characteristics from both parent breeds. Here’s what you can expect:


SizeCompact, typically 14 to 17 inches tall
WeightRanges from 35 to 45 pounds
EarsFolded or upright with a batlike shape
EyesBlue, brown, green, or bi-colored
Coat ColorsBlue or red merle, solid black, tri-color, black and tan, cream, white and black, brindle


Coat Colors and Weather Adaptability


Expect a palette of coat colors, including blue or red merle, solid black, tri-color, black and tan, cream, white and black, and brindle. These variations impact their ability to withstand different weather conditions. While French Bulldogs may struggle in extreme temperatures due to their short noses, Australian Shepherds exhibit more resilience. The mix strikes a balance, but care is needed in both hot and cold conditions.

Frenchie Shepherd Grooming Needs 


The grooming requirements for your French Bull-Aussie will depend on their specific coat type:

Coat TypeGrooming Needs
Short, Smooth CoatWeekly brushing, gentle wiping of facial folds every other day, regular nail trimming, and ear checking. Minimal baths with a gentle dog shampoo.
Medium-Length CoatRegular brushing (3-4 times a week), occasional baths when dirty, and the same care for nails and ears.

Exercise Requirements


Balancing moderate energy levels, the Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix requires 45 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. Care should be taken due to their relatively short legs and muzzles. Sensitivity to heat makes it crucial to avoid excessive activity in warm conditions. Tailor exercise routines to the individual dog, considering potential stamina inherited from the Australian Shepherd parent.


Intelligence and Trainability


The intelligence of the French Bull-Aussie is a fascinating amalgamation of the French Bulldog’s fair working intelligence and the Australian Shepherd’s average trainability. While French Bulldogs can be willful, and Aussies independent, this mix tends to be fairly intelligent. Engaging training methods that capture their attention yield the best results.

Health Considerations


Australian shepherd French bulldog mix

diluted lilac fawn colored French Bulldog dog puppies wearing bow ties sitting together.

The health of your French Bull-Aussie is influenced by the parent breeds’ characteristics. Common health concerns include:

Respiratory Issues: Due to the French Bulldog’s brachycephalic features, respiratory noise and obstructive abnormalities may occur.

Eye Abnormalities: Inherited from Australian Shepherds, potential issues include cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy.

Sensitivity to Ivermectin: A concern inherited from Australian Shepherds.

Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and attention to their specific needs will contribute to a healthier, happier life.


Are Aussie Frenchie Mix Good Family Dogs? 


Australian shepherd French bulldog mix

Brown Australian Shepherd enjoying summertime river swimming


The Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix displays excellent family qualities:

With Other Pets:

  • Generally gets along well with other dogs, with proper socialization.
  • Responses to cats may vary, but many can adapt with proper upbringing.

With Children:

  • Enjoys the company of children, but training is necessary to deter herding or nipping behavior.

With Strangers:

  • Outgoing and attention-seeking, requiring good socialization.
  • Makes an excellent watchdog, offering warnings without being overly protective.


How Much Does a Frenchie Shepherd Cost?

The price of any mix varies according to the owners and the breeders, but the French 
Bulldog/Australian Shepherd mix can be between $800 and $3,000.

Final Words About French Bull-Aussie

In conclusion, the Australian Shepherd French Bulldog Mix is a captivating blend of two beloved breeds, offering a unique combination of charm, intelligence, and affection. Understanding their origin, visual characteristics, grooming needs, exercise requirements, intelligence, health considerations, and family suitability will help you provide the best care for your French Bull-Aussie. If you’re seeking a loyal and loving canine companion with a touch of uniqueness, this rare hybrid might just be the perfect addition to your family.


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