Can I Cut Dog’s Nails With Human Clippers? My Lovely Pets

Can I Cut Dog’s Nails With Human Clippers? My Lovely Pets

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Many dedicated pet parents spend a lot of time at the groomers or vet asking them to cut their dog’s nails, so it’s natural to wonder if you can do it yourself at home.


While this may seem simple, cutting a dog’s nails too short can cause significant bleeding. If you want to try it on your own, you should have a professional show you the ropes, such as a vet or groomer, or consult some internet tutorials. If you fear clippers or don’t have access to good ones, there are other ways to trim your dog’s nails.


Can I Cut Dog’s Nails with Human Clippers


Clipping your dog’s nails with human nail clippers is not a good idea. Our nail clippers are not suitable for nails thicker than a stack of paper. On the other hand, dog claws are thick, strong, curved, and cone shaped.


 Can I cut dog's nails with human nail clippers? Human nail clippers can be used to trim the nails of puppies.


Dog nail clippers are designed to fit the unique shape of a dog’s claws and to be sturdy enough to make a clean cut with minimal effort. The nails of most dogs are too thick for our clippers, and even if they are, the clippers’ design makes them subject to cracking and damaging the nail. They may also exert painful pressure on the “quick,” or nerve and blood vessel hub within the claw.


Human Nail Clippers on Dogs: Dangers


Can I cut dog’s nails with human clippers?  If you are confident, you can use human nail cutters on the nails of young puppies. However, as they grow older, it will become much more difficult to do so efficiently. Your mature dog’s nails will almost certainly need to be trimmed with a specialized tool.


Human nail cutters can’t fit much of a colossal dog’s nail. Trimming small edges creates an uneven surface and form that can cause cracking and jagged edges.


Can I cut dog's nails with human nail clippers? As the Dog grow older, it will become much more difficult to do so efficiently for mature dogs.


You want to maintain a dog’s natural form and smooth surface. For older dogs with more brittle nails, using the wrong clipper can result in cracks. Allergies, diabetes, and endocrine diseases like hypothyroidism can cause nail problems in dogs.


Nail damage and trauma are the most common causes of infections, even if you don’t cut the quick. They can get protozoal, fungal, or bacterial infections, which may require a toe amputation.

Overzealous or poor nail cutting might cause these infections. 


Even if you can fit a human cutter over your small dog’s nail, it will pinch the quick, unlike Dog guillotine clippers. Two flat surfaces will hurt the sensitive quick inside the nail, making nail clipping more uncomfortable for your dog.


Human Nail Clippers on Puppy?


If your puppy is younger than six weeks old, you can use your regular nail clippers. Puppies’ nails are so much shorter and thinner than regular nail clippers can be used to trim them. Since a puppy’s paws are not entirely developed, you may have an easier time getting a good grip on the nail with a human nail clipper than with a dog nail clipper.


Can I cut dog's nails with human nail clippers?   Puppies' nails can be trimmed with human nail clippers.


Even after six weeks, conventional nail cutters could be fine for smaller breeds. Large-breed dogs, however, have nails that are too thick to be clipped with a regular human nail clipper. Therefore, the answer is yes, human nail clippers can be used on dogs, but only under certain conditions. However, there are circumstances in which you will be unable to do so, or your attempts could backfire and cause much more harm.


Can I File My Dog’s Nails with A Human File?


Dog nail cutting can be done with a human nail file, but it’s less effective for thicker or harder claws. A nail file or emery board should work perfectly if you give your dog a full manicure.


Young puppies with delicate nails or toy breeds with tiny claws may also use human nail files. Don’t clip the quick or nail beyond the tip if you use it.


Most dogs don’t like their paws and nails handled too long, so nail files are problematic. Unless you have a very calm and well-trained dog, a human nail file will take too long to keep your pup motionless.


Nail files and emery boards are designed for human nails, not canine claws. The file grit will wear out before the foot on most dogs. An electric nail file could be helpful. In that situation, it’s best to shell out for more robust models of nail grinder. Due to the mechanical buzzing and moderate vibration, however, it may take a little longer to acclimate your dog to these.


Filing all of the nails, or even just the nails on one foot, in one sitting is nearly impossible unless you do it regularly. You can keep your dog’s nails in great shape if you do a little bit at each sitting.


How to Clip Your Dog’s Toenails


Once your dog is used to you holding a paw and touching the nail, you can trim just the tips.

Avoid the quick, where living blood vessels supply the nail bed. When they are cut, they bleed and hurt. The pink quick is visible through white or clear nails, making the danger zone easier to avoid. Only the hook-like tip should be clipped if your dog’s nails are dark or opaque. By tipping the nails, you can get the desired length by trimming a little each week.


Stop immediately if you happen to quick a nail. Styptic pencils, corn starch, and soap can be used to stop bleeding. Give the puppy more attention or treats to show him that even when bad things happen, there are good things to make up for them.


After you’ve clipped the puppy’s nails, it’s time to party. Play a favorite game while rewarding your dog. Make a special reward for your dog after a good nail trim.


Handling and Socialization of Paws


Many puppies don’t like it when you touch their paws. Handle your dog’s feet often when you play with or pet it, and give it treats when it can stand. That helps it get used to being held by you and the vet in the future. Touch each paw one at a time to get started. When the puppy lets you do this without pulling away, hold one foot gently for five seconds and then let go. Give the puppy a treat for being patient.


Next, hold one of the paws and touch a nail with the clipper, but don’t cut it. Do this several times and give it a treat if the dog doesn’t fight or pull away. Stop before the dog gets upset so that it will remember the experience well.


How can I Use a Dremel Grinder to File My Dog’s Nails?


Can I cut dog's nails with human nail clippers?   Puppies' nails can be trimmed with human nail clippers.


It would help if you were well-prepared to use a grinder on your dog’s feet for a pedicure. Before using a grinder on your dog for the first time, introduce them to the noise by turning it on nearby.

Once they’re used to the sensation, you can increase the time the grinder is used on a single nail. To avoid getting your dog’s long fur caught in the grinder when giving it a pedicure, be sure to clip it short before you begin. Nail filing requires light pressure from the grinder and careful attention to avoid cutting the nails too short.


Types of Dog Nail Clippers?


Human nail clippers can be used on puppies and tiny breeds, but not all. What, then, are some viable alternatives to the clippers? Let’s check out the choices we have below.


Guillotine Nail Clippers

Nail clippers with a guillotine blade are similar to pliers, except they have a hole in one end. To clip your dog’s nail, slide it into the slit. You can squeeze the handle when the nail is in the correct position. Cut the nail to size using the blades inside the opening.


Scissor-Formed Nail Clippers

Scissor-style nail clippers, as the name implies, resemble a pair of scissors. However, the cutting edges of the clippers contain divots. These holes dig into the nail, making it easier to make a clean cut.

There are springs inside several scissors-shaped clippers. The clippers’ cutting power is improved by adding springs, and you can easily cut through even the most challenging dog nails with these.


Nail Grinder

Finally, nail grinders are a helpful tool for dog grooming. One of your dog’s nails will fit into the tiny opening in this instrument. Turn the device on to grind the nail. Once your pet is comfortable with them, nail grinders are quick and simple to use.



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