What Does A Miniature Border Collie Look Like?

What Does A Miniature Border Collie Look Like?

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What are Miniature Border Collies?

Miniature Border Collies are a smaller version of the medium-sized Border Collie. Just like their larger cousins, Miniature Border Collies are smart, have excellent herding abilities, and are full of energy.

However, it’s important to note that they are not yet considered a proper breed and are not recognized by any major kennel clubs.


Miniature border collie breeding


Miniature Border Collies look just like Border Collies except that they have shorter legs. They are produced by selective breeding, which can be done in three ways.


Dwarfism Gene:

Some Border Collies have the dwarfism gene, and they are mated with another Border Collie with the same gene. However, Miniature Border Collies bred this way can have health issues, particularly heart problems and skeletal deformities.


Breeding Runts:

Another method involves breeding runts of the litter, which are always smaller than the rest of the puppies. Their puppies will be smaller but have the same characteristics as Border Collies. However, this method may also lead to health problems like heart defects and respiratory issues.



Crossbreeding is also used, usually mating the Border Collie with a much smaller dog. However, this may not guarantee Miniature Border Collies, and the resulting dogs may have characteristics of the other breed. On the positive side, crossbreeds often have fewer health issues than purebreds.


How Big do Miniature Border Collies Get?


What Does A Miniature Border Collie Look Like


Miniature Border Collies grow to between 18 – 22 inches in height and can weigh between 30 – 55 pounds. In comparison, standard Border Collies grow to between 22 – 26 inches and weigh between 60 – 75 pounds.


Miniature Border Collie – What is their Temperament?


Miniature Border Collies share similar temperaments to their larger counterparts. Energetic and cheerful, they also retain the herding instinct prominent in Border Collies. However, potential owners with small children should be cautious, as Miniature Border Collies may exhibit herding behavior towards them.


Intelligence is a standout trait, and they thrive when engaged in activities. Leaving them alone for extended periods is not recommended, as they can become destructive. Regular walks and outdoor playtime contribute to their overall happiness.


Are Miniature Border Collies Prone to any Health Conditions?


Two main illnesses to watch for are multidrug sensitivity and progressive retinal atrophy. Responsible breeders should conduct tests for these conditions. Multidrug sensitivity can cause adverse reactions to certain drugs, while progressive retinal atrophy leads to early blindness.


Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis is another inherited disease affecting the nervous system, so it’s essential to check if the pup’s parents carry this condition.


How Long do Miniature Border Collies Live?


Miniature Border Collies generally have a longer lifespan than Border Collies. While the latter typically lives between 10 and 14 years, Miniature Border Collies can exceed 14 years, provided unhealthy genes are not inherited.

What Does A Miniature Border Collie Look Like?


Miniature Border Collies resemble their larger counterparts in appearance. They come in various colors, patterns, and markings, with black and white being the most common. Muscular and energetic, their double-layered coats can be either smooth and short or rough and long. Notably, they are not hypoallergenic and shed profusely, especially during spring and fall.


How Much Grooming Do Miniature Border Collies Need?


Miniature Border Collies require regular grooming due to their outdoor-loving nature. Expect them to get dirty, particularly if they enjoy rolling in mud. Bathing is necessary, and during shedding seasons, daily brushing is recommended. Both short and long-haired Miniature Border Collies shed, with the shorter-haired ones often shedding more visibly.


Grooming is not just for appearance; it fosters a stronger bond between owners and their dogs. Regular checks of eyes, ears, teeth, nose, paws, nails, skin, and fur during grooming can help identify potential health issues early.


So How do you go About Grooming a Miniature Border Collie?


Start with a detangling spray to prevent hair breakage, especially after outdoor adventures. Then, brush the undercoat using a rake to remove dead hair and debris, stimulating circulation and redistributing skin oils. Finish with a bristle brush to make the coat shine.

Nail clipping is also part of grooming, and if uncomfortable doing it yourself, a visit to a groomer is a suitable option.


Miniature Border Collies – How Easy?


What Does A Miniature Border Collie Look Like?


Owning a Miniature Border Collie comes with its challenges. Hyperactive and brimming with energy, they are not suited for couch potatoes. Regular exercise and mentally stimulating activities are a must to keep them content. Their herding instincts are strong, making them inclined to herd, so caution is advised with small children.


What do Miniature Border Collies Eat?


Being highly active dogs, Miniature Border Collies need more calories than dogs of similar size. Adult dogs require at least 1,000 calories a day, with active ones needing up to 1,400 calories. Puppies need around 1,000 calories, while senior dogs need about 700 calories unless still active, in which case, calories should be increased.


While they don’t have specific dietary requirements, a high-quality dog food is essential. Calcium is crucial for their active joints, protein provides the necessary energy, and slow-burning carbohydrates, like vegetables and beans, sustain them for extended periods. Avoid low-quality carbs like wheat, soy, and corn.

Feeding them twice a day is standard, with a mix of dry and wet food offering both calorie density and much-needed moisture.


Miniature Border Collies – Are They Good with Families?


Miniature Border Collies are affectionate and enjoy interaction with humans. Ideal for families with older children, caution is advised with small kids due to their herding tendencies. These dogs thrive in active households with plenty of attention, walks, and playtime.


How Much do Miniature Border Collies Cost?


The average cost of a Miniature Border Collie is $600, but it can range from $1,300 to $4,500 for those with superior pedigrees. Choosing a reputable breeder is crucial to ensure the well-being of the dogs.


How to Pick the Right Dog Breed for You


Bringing a dog into your home is a significant decision. Consider the financial commitment, family lifestyle, and the specific needs of the dog breed. Whether adopting or buying, it’s essential to choose a dog that aligns with your lifestyle and commitment level.

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Final Thoughts


In conclusion, Miniature Border Collies bring joy and energy to active homes. While they may be small in stature, their hearts are boundless. As you embark on the adventure of welcoming one into your life, relish the delightful experiences that await with your new furry friend.

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