Unique And Beautiful Lilac Pied French Bulldog

Unique And Beautiful Lilac Pied French Bulldog

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Lilac is an attractive and popular French Bulldog color variation. It is distinguished by its blue-gray coat, which may contain paler or darker markings. Some lilac Frenchies have silver-tipped fur due to a mutation in the gene that regulates coat color. A small proportion of Frenchies are lilac pied, but their attractiveness and rarity make them one of the most desirable hues.


They are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but can be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC). Due to their intelligence, affection, and playfulness, lilac pied French Bulldogs make excellent pet companions. 


What is Pied or Piebald?


The term “pie” in “piebald” originated from the magpie bird, which has black and white feathers, similar to the magpie’s feathers. The term “pie” was used to describe anything with black and white patches or spots, similar to the magpie’s feathers. The “bald” part of Piebald comes from an older sense of “bald,” meaning “having white patches or spots” rather than “having no hair.” 


Piebald Pattern 


Piebald is not a color of French Bulldog; it is a pattern. Pied animals have a pattern of pigmented dots on white hair. 


The pied French Bulldogs have numerous standard colors. Brindle pied, fawn pied, and red fawn pied, among others. In addition to the standard black and white, unique color variations of the pied can be found. 


Lilac Pied French Bulldog Coat


A Piebald coat is characterized by a predominantly white base, providing a contrasting background for colored patches.

The coat features irregularly shaped patches of color, such as black, brown, brindle, fawn, and grey, depending on the breed.

Piebald patterns are often asymmetrical, with colored patches appearing in different positions on each side of the dog’s body.

Some Piebald dogs may also exhibit ticking, small spots or flecks of color within the white areas of their coat. 


What is A Merle Frenchie? 


Merle French Bulldogs are a type of dog with tiger stripes, spots, or patches. They come in different colors and patterns and are determined by heredity and genetics. Health issues can occur when two merle dogs are bred, this breeding can lead to serious problems such as skeletal defects, blindness, deafness, and increased fetal mortality. 

So, breeders usually mate a merle parent with a solid coat parent. It is important to choose a reputable Frenchie breeder. 


What is The Rarest Color of a French Bulldog? 


Unique And Beautiful Lilac Pied French Bulldog


The blue merle is the rarest of the Frenchie breed, best described as gray with spots or cookies N’ cream. It is important to find a reputable breeder with good breeding practices when considering a blue merle Frenchie, as they can have health problems.


However, some merle French Bulldogs can live a healthy uneventful life. It is important to find a reputable breeder with good breeding practices and expect a hefty price tag when considering a blue merle. 


How much Does a Lilac Pied Frenchie Cost? 


The Lilac French Bulldog is a rare color that is only produced occasionally and usually by breeders limited to the West Coast of the United States. They have a purple lilac coat color that can be quite attractive and can cost up to $50,000.


They have a distinct color and vibrant eyes due to a combination of chocolate and blue DNA from both parents. The coat can range from cool blue to a silver and purple hue, some have white markings on their chest and face, and their light colored eyes remain from the time they are puppies throughout life unlike the standard French Bulldog. 


How Do I Find a Rare Frenchie Breeder? 


The rarest colors of French Bulldogs are blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan. A blue merle is perhaps the rarest of them all and can sell for tens of thousands.


It is important to find a reputable breeder who uses responsible breeding techniques with the right precautions, otherwise you may be sinking your life savings into a dog that will be sick and may die prematurely.


The Frenchie is sweet and charming and is just right for apartment life and smaller homes with diminutive yards. Rare colors in French Bulldogs can come with health issues so it is imperative to seek a reputable breeder who specializes in rare colors which will greatly reduce the risks of genetic disorders. 


Is My Frenchie Blue or Lilac? 


The Lilac French Bulldog is a rare breed of dog that has a purple or blue shine to its coat. They have a less dense coat than the standard breed and their coat lightens and develops a characteristic lilac hue as they age.


The coat of the Lilac French Bulldog is a lovely shade of lilac, caused by the same diluting gene that causes blue hair. Their eyes and lips have delicate pink markings, and their noses are usually light pink or greyish-brown in color.


The most obvious distinction between the two is that the Blue French Bulldog has a short blue coat that distinguishes it. Both the Lilac and Blue Bulldogs are currently in high demand due to their scarcity. 


Lilac French Bulldog Newborn


Unique And Beautiful Lilac Pied French Bulldog


French bulldogs with a lilac coat are likely the most distinctively colored canines on the planet. Lacking the brown gene in their DNA, these canines have a slight purplish-blue hue.


When they are born, they will resemble a blue French bulldog, but as they age, their pigment will lighten. Typically, a lilac French bulldog will have pink or dark gray noses and blue, light gray, or amber eyes. They also have a unique pink color around their mouths and eyes.


When going outside, it is essential to apply sunscreen to these areas, as they are susceptible to sunburn. 


Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA)


Color Dilution Alopecia is a hereditary skin disease that causes dry skin, flaky & itchy skin, and hair thinning & loss. It is more common in Blue/Lilac/Blue Fawn dogs and occurs between 6 months to 2-3 years of age.


Diagnosis involves ruling out other issues and can be managed with moisturizers, dietary changes, vitamin supplementation, etc. The symptoms of CDA include thin hair, a dry & dull coat, hyperpigmentation, and progressively worsening hair loss.


Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to test for color dilution alopecia as the gene responsible is still unknown. 


Lilac Merle Frenchie Puppy Price

Lilac French bulldogs are in high demand and are available in a variety of color patterns.
Among these combinations are lilac and tan, lilac merle, lilac feathery, and others. Some purchasers have been known to pay as much as $50,000 for a lilac French bulldog, but they typically sell for around $6,500. 


The average cost to breed a Frenchie is $7,000, so if you want a Lilac Frenchie puppy, you should expect to pay at least $6,500. This is due to the rareness of the color and the need for artificial insemination and a c-section to give birth. 


A good breeder will not be cheap, but it is worth the investment. Frenchies require artificial insemination and a c-section to give birth, so they will cost at least a couple thousand dollars for a well-bred Frenchie. 


Are lilac pied French bulldog rare? 


Yes! Along with Blue, Blue Fawn, Merle, and Platinum, lilac Frenchies are one of the rarest French Bulldog colors.


Are Lilac pied French Bulldogs Recognized by the AKC? 


No, lilac Frenchies are not recognized by the AKC as an official color. 


Are Lilac pied French Bulldogs Expensive? 


Yes. Lilac Frenchies are more expensive than the typical Frenchie colors, averaging $6,500. 


What is the Lilac pied French Bulldogs Eye Color?

The lilac French Bulldog’s eyes are a very light blue to purple. It pairs well with the light coat color and is a very beautiful hue. This is an uncommon color for French Bulldogs, but it is gaining popularity.


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