Is My Dog Special Needs Quiz

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  1. How does your dog respond when the doorbell rings? 
  2. Does your dog seek attention by requesting to be petted or to play? 
  3. Does your dog leap up on visitors, including yourself? 
  4. Does your dog come when called? 
  5. Does your dog engage in behaviors like destroying furniture or chewing on objects? 
  6. Does your dog try to escape from your home or yard? 
  7. Does your dog have accidents indoors when housebreaking? 
  8. Does your dog engage in rough play with children and/or adults? 
  9. Does your dog excessively bark, particularly outdoors or at passersby? 
  10. Does your dog exhibit signs of separation anxiety when left alone? 
  11. Does your dog dig holes in your yard? 
  12. Does your dog display unusual behavior or anxiety at the veterinarian’s office? 
  13. Does your dog “borrow” items, such as food from counters or tables? 
  14. Does your dog break a “stay” command before being released? 
  15. Does your dog demonstrate aggression towards other dogs or people? 
  16. Does your dog rush ahead upstairs and/or through doorways? 
  17. Does your dog lead the way or pull on the leash during walks? 
  18. Does your dog gently mouth or nip at people’s hands, arms, or feet? 
  19. Has your dog ever bitten a person or another dog? 
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