Find The Best 20 Human Foods For Yorkies

Find The Best 20 Human Foods For Yorkies

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Are you searching for the best human foods to feed your beloved Yorkie? Wondering about the delicious treats that are safe for your furry friend to enjoy? This extensive compilation of 20 human foods that Yorkies can enjoy will surely make your furry friends’ tails wag with excitement and their taste buds dance with joy.


Food Recommendations for Yorkies


It’s worth noting that not all human or “table” food is off-limits for our canine companions, despite what some may think. Actually, there are plenty of delicious and healthy human foods that can be a much better option than the heavily processed dog food typically sold in pet stores. Although Yorkies have a preference for protein-rich foods like unseasoned lean meat and fish, there are numerous delectable treats in the culinary world that can bring them immense delight.


Before you start this culinary journey with your Yorkie, it’s important to remember some important guidelines, especially when it comes to their delicate stomachs and specific dietary requirements.


Things to watch out for:


1. Introduction to New Foods: It’s important to approach the introduction of new foods to Yorkies with care and caution. These little ones are known for their delicate stomachs and susceptibility to gastrointestinal problems. Begin with smaller portions and gradually increase, while carefully observing for any negative responses. Some dog-safe foods may not be appropriate for daily consumption.


2. The 10% Rule: After a gradual introduction, your Yorkie should receive no more than 10% of its daily caloric intake from human food.


3. Choking Dangers: Watch out for things that could cause suffocation. For example, make sure to chop, shred, or slice food into bite-sized pieces that are appropriate for your Yorkie’s size. Also, be sure to remove any seeds and pits.


4. Seasonings and Spices: Many of these items can be toxic to dogs. Although there are a few exceptions such as basil, ginger, cinnamon, and parsley, it is generally recommended to refrain from using seasonings to prioritize safety.


5. Special Diets: It’s important to consult your veterinarian before adding human food to your Yorkie’s diet if they have a history of pancreatitis or gastrointestinal issues. They may need a strict prescription diet such as Hills ID Low Fat or Royal Canin GI Low Fat.


20 Human Foods for Yorkies


Now that we have covered the basics, let’s dive into this culinary adventure and discover 20 human foods that are not only safe for Yorkies but also offer great health benefits.


1. Cucumbers

Yorkies often have a strong preference for cucumbers. These crispy and refreshing treats are perfect for cooling down on a scorching summer day. Cucumbers are a great option for weight management and hydration due to their low calorie and fat content, as well as their abundance of vitamins. It’s important to peel them if they’re not organic, as the skin may contain harmful pesticides. To help your Yorkie’s digestion, remove the seeds.


2. Sweet Potatoes or Yams

Yorkies simply can’t resist the allure of sweet potatoes and yams. With their high fiber content, they are perfect for individuals with sensitive stomachs as they aid in digestion. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals like A, B6, C, calcium, potassium, and iron. Regardless of how they’re prepared, they’re guaranteed to be enjoyable. Just remember to let them cool down to prevent any burns.


3. Carrots

Yorkies can greatly benefit from incorporating carrots into their diet. In addition to improving vision and coat color, they are also low in calories and provide a good source of beta-carotene (vitamin A). These little pups can benefit from the crunchiness to enhance their dental health.


Yorkies will thoroughly enjoy these vibrant and healthy snacks, whether they are fed raw or unseasoned cooked.


4. Watermelon

Watermelon, just like cucumbers, is a refreshing and delicious choice. When ingested in moderation, the vitamin A, B6, C, and potassium it contains have positive effects on health. Take care when consuming seeds and rinds, as they may lead to digestive discomfort. To make things easier, choose watermelons without seeds.  Due to its natural sugar content, limit portions to prevent obesity and diabetes.


5. Broccoli

Although raw broccoli is generally safe for Yorkies, it is recommended to cook it until it becomes soft, especially for senior Yorkies who may have dental problems. Broccoli is packed with fiber and vitamin C, making it a healthy choice for a snack. Break it into smaller pieces to prevent choking, and give it sparingly and in small portions.


6. Green Peas

Green peas are a great addition to a Yorkie’s diet, providing them with essential nutrients. These delectable bites are packed with a plethora of vitamins, including A, B, and K. Steam them for a texture that is both tender and delightfully crisp. It’s important to let these treats cool down before serving, as their small size makes them perfect for training.


As a change of pace, you can serve steamed edamame without spice, and you should always keep crunchy pea pods out of reach to prevent choking or allergic responses.


7. Pasta

Pasta is generally safe for Yorkies to eat, as long as they don’t have any wheat allergies. While it may not be the most nutritious option, it can still be included in their diet in moderation. To make the pasta easier to swallow, try cutting it into smaller pieces and adding some unseasoned colorful veggies or succulent meat to enhance the dish.


Perhaps you could enhance the dish by including some steamed broccoli, which would undoubtedly please your Yorkie’s palate.


8. Cauliflower

Consider adding cauliflower to your pet’s diet as a nutritious vegetable choice. It provides a wide range of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamins K, C, fiber, calcium, and potassium. Cauliflower is safe while raw, but it tastes better and is simpler to digest when cooked. For your Yorkie’s enjoyment, consider creating a mix of steamed broccoli and cauliflower bits.


9. Zucchini

Yorkies absolutely adore zucchini slices, whether they’re served raw or cooked. They have a delicate texture that effortlessly dissolves on the palate, offering a delightful contrast to the crispness of cucumbers. These bite-sized pieces are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, including potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory benefits.


But raw zucchini might be difficult to digest, so it’s best to use cooked zucchini. Consider preparing fresh spaghetti with chopped zucchini and some shredded chicken for a delicious meal.


Make sure you select organic zucchini so your friend can safely eat the nutrient-dense skin.


10. Bananas

Yorkies love bananas because they are a healthy and low-calorie treat. They provide a variety of essential nutrients such as potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, biotin, and copper. It’s worth noting that these should be enjoyed as an occasional indulgence, given their natural sugar content.

A small amount of mashed bananas can also help soothe your Yorkie’s stomach and promote healthy bowel movements. Make sure to remove the peel, as it might have pesticides on it.


11. Blueberries

Blueberries are a fantastic addition to both human and canine diets. They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them a nutritious and refreshing snack option. Given the petite size of Yorkies, there’s no need to go through the trouble of chopping or slicing them. Just give them a quick rinse with cold water and serve.


Consider choosing organic blueberries to steer clear of any potential chemical residues.


12. Mangos

Mangos are absolutely delicious, especially when enjoyed on a scorching summer day. For the safety of your Yorkie, it’s important to remove the pit, as it contains cyanide, and the skin, which can be difficult to digest. Cut the succulent fruit into tiny chunks. Mangos provide a range of essential vitamins including A, B, C, and E. However, it’s important to exercise moderation when feeding them to avoid potential stomach upset and diarrhea.


13. Apples

They effectively clean your Yorkie’s teeth and leave their breath smelling fresh. Apples are a great choice for those looking for a healthy snack. They are low in fat and packed with vitamins A and C, along with fiber. To get the most out of your apples, consider opting for organic varieties. It’s important to be mindful of the sugar content when feeding your Yorkie, so it’s best to only give them a few small pieces. Make sure to remove the core and seeds, as they can be toxic due to the presence of cyanide.


14. Rice

While cooked rice may not be packed with nutrients, it can actually help in calming an upset Yorkie’s stomach because of its mild and gentle nature. When you combine it with unseasoned shredded chicken and veggies, you’ll have a satisfying meal for your furry friend.


The traditional “chicken with rice” is renowned for its effectiveness in alleviating minor stomach issues and diarrhea. Additionally, incorporating hot water while cooking can result in a smooth and nourishing texture, which can aid in both hydration and digestion. Although brown rice is known for its higher protein and fiber content, it may pose a challenge for Yorkies with sensitive stomachs due to its digestion difficulties. Seek advice from your veterinarian.


15. Pears

Yorkies absolutely love pears, as they are a fantastic addition to their diet. Make sure to remove the seeds and core from the pear to ensure safety, and then chop it into bite-sized pieces. They contain an abundance of vitamins A, C, fiber, calcium, and copper, making them a refreshing and naturally sweet treat.

It is recommended to serve one or two small slices or bite-sized pieces at a time to avoid potential stomach upset from overeating. Similar to other fruits, pears have a significant amount of sugar, so it’s important to consume them in moderation.


16. Eggs

When it comes to your Yorkie’s diet, it’s generally safe to include eggs in moderation once they are thoroughly cooked. It is advisable to steer clear of raw eggs as they carry the potential risk of salmonella contamination. Eggs are incredibly nutritious, and packed with a wide range of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein.


Scrambled eggs with white rice and veggies make for a delicious meal, just be sure to skip the oil. Nevertheless, certain Yorkies also find pleasure in consuming hard-boiled eggs.

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17. Popcorn

Interestingly, Yorkies can indulge in small portions of plain, air-popped popcorn as an occasional snack or treat, which can be quite enjoyable, especially during a movie night. Ensure that it is devoid of any traces of salt, butter, oil, or sugar.

To prevent choking and potential intestinal blockages, it’s important to avoid unpopped kernels. Although popcorn is generally safe to eat, it’s important to be mindful of how much you consume. Eating too much popcorn can cause digestive problems, so it’s best to enjoy it in moderation.


18. Peanut Butter

Although not every Yorkie’s preferred option, numerous dogs absolutely love peanut butter. Regular peanut butter can be enjoyed as an occasional indulgence. It’s important to always check the label for xylitol, a sugar substitute found in some sugar-free varieties, as it can be toxic to dogs.

Peanut butter is a great source of natural protein, but it’s important to be cautious with Yorkies who are prone to pancreatitis due to its high fat content. Provide just a hint or two in moderation.


19. Chicken

Boiled lean chicken breast is the recommended option for Yorkies, as they are prone to pancreatitis. When chicken is fully cooked, it becomes a nutritious and low-fat option that helps build muscle mass and provides essential Omega 6 fatty acids for coat maintenance. When preparing the chicken, it’s helpful to boil it and shred it to promote better digestion.


Chicken with rice is known for its soothing properties and can be beneficial for relieving minor stomach discomfort and digestive issues. It would be wise to seek guidance from your veterinarian, particularly if your Yorkie has any health conditions or allergies.


If Dog Is Allergic To Chicken Is Turkey OK?


20. Turkey

Turkey, when prepared properly—plain and without any seasoning, skin, or bones—is another great option for Yorkies. It provides a wide range of nutrients, such as protein, phosphorous, and riboflavin. Carefully tear the turkey into smaller portions, being mindful of any fatty areas to ensure smoother digestion.


However, it can be quite challenging to exercise caution when serving plain turkey, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving. It’s important to remember that your furry friend should not be given any table scraps from your Thanksgiving feast.


Can Yorkies Eat Cheese?


Although Yorkies may enjoy cheese on occasion, it’s important to remember their sensitivity to fatty foods. Consuming such foods can potentially lead to pancreatitis. In addition, it’s worth noting that dogs, including Yorkies, can struggle with digesting cheese and other dairy products due to lactose intolerance. For the optimal health of your Yorkie, it is advisable to avoid including cheese in their diet.


Final Words


There are several human foods that can add flavor and nutrients to your Yorkie’s diet. Nevertheless, it is important to handle this culinary adventure with caution, keeping in mind moderation and the unique dietary requirements of your beloved pet. By adhering to these guidelines and including these delicious and nourishing options, you can guarantee that mealtime becomes a pleasant and wholesome experience for your beloved Yorkie.

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