How to Train a Dog to Play Dead/ 6 Easy Steps

How to Train a Dog to Play Dead/ 6 Easy Steps

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When a dog plays dead on command, it appears to be a complete genius. However, this trick is no more difficult to master than any other basic cue.

Follow this detailed guide if you want to know How to Train a Dog to Play Dead.

Benefits of Dog Training


You may question why training your dog is so significant when you start or add new skills.  

To begin, training your dog can provide them with more mental stimulation and boost their overall happiness. Additionally, it can strengthen your relationship with your dog, making him or her more receptive to training and ultimately more obedient. On top of that, training can make for a more socialized and well-liked pooch.  


Your dog will be more content and attached to you if you take the time to train him, and you’ll develop a stronger bond with him as a result.  


How to Train a Dog to Play Dead in Easy Steps  


The process of teaching your dog to “play dead” is straightforward and requires only a few easy steps. Take some time to read through these instructions and then start working on practicing with your dog.  

You’ll also need training treats in the process.  


Find Out Which Side Your Dog Prefers 


It’s common for canines to have a preferred side for sleeping on and rolling over. If your dog has a clear preference for lying on one side or the other, remember to focus on that side when teaching them to play dead.  


Pick the Proper Setting 


 Learn how to train a dog to play dead in easy steps.


Pick a place where you can relax and have complete command when training your dog. 

Just like us, dogs can easily become distracted by their environment. You should look for a new place to train your dog if you find that they are being distracted by their environment and are unable to focus on you or their training.  


If you want your dog to pay attention to you while you’re training him, pick a quiet place where there won’t be a lot of people or other dogs around and bring his or her favorite treat.  


Give the Command “Down”  


Making sure your dog knows and understands the “down” command fluently is the first step in training him to play dead. Your dog should be in the “sit” position.


Show them a treat, then draw it away from their nose and back to yourself at an angle, such that the treat ends up on the ground. Once your dog’s belly touches the floor, you can give the “down” command and give them a treat.


You should train your dog to obey the “down” command until he or she obeys effortlessly and without a treat.  


Give a Treat  


When your dog has mastered the ‘down’ position, look to see which hip they prefer. As previously stated, dogs will always put more weight on one hip vs the other when they are comfortable in the ‘down’ position.  


To motivate your dog, pull out a tasty reward for good behavior. Once you’ve got their attention, you can shift the treat to the hip that they’re not currently preferring. They’ll start to sway to one side as a result, finally falling over on that side. When they are lying on their side, praise them and give them a vocal order such as “play dead!” or “boom!”.  


Complete the Instructions  


As your dog becomes more accustomed to moving to its side from the down posture, you can gradually remove the treat and rely only on the spoken instruction. Every time your dog successfully completes the trick, give them plenty of praise and attention, and then have them come out of the play dead position by saying “ok!” or whatever-related.  




After your dog learns to play dead with a verbal signal, all you need to do is practice.  

You should include this skill in your dog’s training along with other instructions and obedience exercises. This will help maintain your dog’s knowledge and make the best use of your training sessions together.  


How to Fix the Most Frequent Issues during Training  


It’s not always going to be a piece of cake to train your dog. Even the simplest issue might cause trouble between you and your dog. If you want to get the most out of your training, you need to identify these problems and go to work fixing them.  


Your Pet Is Unresponsive  


How to train a dog to play dead in 6 easy ways


Some dogs are stubborn, and others are a bit erratic, making them seem unresponsive. You should avoid being frustrated as a result of this by taking things slowly throughout training and identifying what drives your puppy.  


Most dogs are extremely treat-motivated, so it may simply be a matter of trial and error to find out which goodies your dog enjoys the most and is willing to listen to you in exchange for.  


Keep in mind that you and your dog deserve a training experience that is enjoyable and low stress. You shouldn’t yell at your dog, try to force it to do what you say, or use “tough love” like hitting your dog to get it to behave. The most effective method of teaching a dog anything is through the use of positive reinforcement, patience, and lots of love.  


Training Your Dog is Fun  


Obedience training may be a lot of fun for you and your dog, and it can do wonders for the two of you. With some practice, patience, and lots of treats, your dog can train to play dead.


Have fun and don’t stress out too much during training sessions with your dog. If you do this, you and your dog will have a great time learning new skills together. 


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