French Bulldog Temperament Male vs Female: Which is Best for You-Key Differences

French Bulldog Temperament Male vs Female: Which is Best for You-Key Differences

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One of the most common questions that people who want to buy a French Bulldog ask is, “What are the differences between a male and female French Bulldog?”


One is wondering whether there are any notable differences between them, such as if one is more aggressive or friendly, how easily they can be trained, or how their physical health compares to the other.


Here is detailed comparison of the French bulldog Temperament Male vs Female to answer all your questions.


The gender distinctions stated below are generalizations that won’t apply to all Frenchie. Please remember there is no such thing as a “standard” dog.


French bulldog Temperament Male vs Female


It’s not fair to say that all French Bulldogs have the same traits; that might not be true for all of them. Each breed of dog has similar characteristics regarding how they act. But a dog’s appearance and behavior can also be affected by how it was raised and where it grew up.

We’ll look closely at both males and females to learn more about their temperaments and compare them.


French bulldog Temperament male vs female: In general, it is believed that female French Bulldogs are timid and that male French Bulldogs are more mischievous, lively, confident, and brave.

Male French Bulldog Temperament


When interacting with other dogs and animals, male puppies seem more dominant and moody than female puppies. They compete with other male dogs in the pack for the alpha male status. However, male puppies are also known to become lively dogs with occasional misbehavior.


If you decide to get a male French bulldog, be ready to spend a lot of time on his daily activities and exercise. Even if a male puppy has a shorter attention span, it can be improved with Training and mental conditioning. Some other things that are usually true of male Frenchie are:  

  • When the owner is not there, the dog acts up.  
  • Chewing can be a sign of both having fun and being angry.  
  • Affection: They love their owners and want to protect them.  
  • French Bulldog male puppies are brave and bold.  


Female French Bulldog Temperament


Some Fluffy Frenchie owners believe that female puppies are much easier to take care of than male ones. Most people think that female puppies are less dominant and more submissive, but they still have unique traits.

Some female French bulldogs can be very mean in their first few months, surprising their new owners. Most female Frenchie, though, become less aggressive as they age.  


Some female French bulldog owners have noticed their dogs’ periodic mood swings. These shifts may not be dramatic, but they are noteworthy.  Male French Bulldogs tend to be more stubborn and independent, while females of the breed grow to be more submissive and easier to train.  


With the proper Training and socialization, this dog can be a great companion and part of the family. Female puppies are calmer and more obedient to their owners than male puppies. Destructive behavior is often caused by separation anxiety in both male and female dogs.  


Differences Between Male and Female 

Male FrenchieFe-male Frenchie
Outgoing More shy 
 eventually mature  Early-maturing 
naughty and vivacious Calmer
Less focus More focus
Trainable Trainable 
Few nips  Nipping 
No mania  Heat swings 
odd dog-humps Heat-cycle discharge
stranger-jumping Laid-back with all
Slower Quicker 
Leaders Less dominating


Validate constantly 




Are Female French Bulldogs Aggressive?  


French bulldog Temperament male vs female: In general, it is believed that female French Bulldogs are timid and that male French Bulldogs are more mischievous, lively, confident, and brave.  

Female puppies are not unusual to act aggressively during their first few months. As they grow up, however, they become much less aggressive. A friendly and outgoing female Frenchie can easily socialize with humans and other animals.


Adult female Frenchie may sometimes be aggressive, but this is more the exception than the rule. Anxiety, trauma, possessiveness, illness, injuries, or bad experiences often induce this behavior.


Are male French Bulldogs Cuddly? 


Male French puppies are usually very loving, which may surprise some people. Male Frenchie puppies are born to be part of a pack, even if that pack is just their owner, the rest of their “human” family, and no other dogs.  

Male Frenchie may want to be the alpha dog, but they’ll gladly follow their masters’ orders if they know they’re doing the right thing.  


The male Bulldog is willing to do what its pack leader says because it trusts him. But remember that young puppies form strong bonds with their owners and must be cuddled often to feel loved and safe.  


French Bulldogs Temperament with Strangers Male vs Female  


French Bulldogs are usually amiable dogs. They came from England as companion dogs, so they naturally like being around people.  Even though there isn’t a lot of research, a few anecdotes show that they do better with other people.


 Male French Bulldog Temperament with Strangers


Male French Bulldog used to hang out in parks and play with strangers. It’s only natural for them to like other people more than their owners.

Even though male Frenchie are friendly toward strangers, they often jump on them. You might have to put up with some bouncing If your male Frenchie likes to jump up on people. You can stop him from doing this by not touching him until his front paws are on the ground.  


Pet them as soon as their paws touch the ground. This will show them they won’t get the love and attention they need until they keep their paws on the floor.  


Female French Bulldog Temperament with Strangers


Like their male counterparts, female Frenchie is friendly and outgoing. They love their owners but can’t help showing love to everyone they meet.  


French Bulldog owners often say their female dogs are “best friends with everyone.” They will try to make friends with everyone they see, so it will be hard to take a quiet walk in your neighborhood.  


Even more, this dog’s lively temperament makes people stop and look. People like talking to them almost as much as they want to be noticed by them.  


The female French Bulldog could appear more guarded at first, but she will warm up to you. If they don’t rush to greet your guests immediately, it’s only because they’re sizing them up to see if they pose a threat.  


French Bulldogs Relationship with Other Dogs and Pets Male vs Female

 It is not a good idea to bring home or adopt another French Bulldog of the same gender because they like to boss around other young puppies. 


With the proper training and socialization programs, French Bulldogs may learn to be as friendly and outgoing as they are by nature. 


 If your pet has never met dogs or other animals, they won’t become friends with them out of the blue. How the pet acts around other pets may depend significantly on what gender it is.  


Male Frenchie  


Male French Bulldogs often keep their authoritarian personalities even after they’ve been neutered.


Dogs’ strange habits can be explained by the fact that, before they were domesticated, dogs usually lived in packs. Male Frenchie have never outgrown their natural need to be in charge of their group.  


But they don’t have a lot of trouble getting along with other animals. They are better at getting along with cats and other pets than female French Bulldogs.  


Female Frenchie


It’s OK to have a male and a female French Bulldog in the house but getting two female Frenchie is a bad idea. Here are a few examples of why this is the case:  


Two female French Bulldogs, who are almost the same age, have trouble getting along. They might have a small fight in front of their owner about where to sleep, toys, treats, or food. What seems like a small dog problem right now could quickly get worse and hurt someone.  


Having two old female dogs is just as dangerous. The younger dog might try to take control of the older dog if she thinks the older dog is weak.  


The Effects of Spaying and Neutering on the Temperament of French Bulldogs Male vs Female


Some French Bulldog breeders and owners say that sterilization significantly affects how their puppies act. This has been a popular topic among Frenchie fans for a long time, mainly because some people think the dog’s bad behavior isn’t caused by the heat but by frustrations in other areas of life.


The heat cycle isn’t the only thing that matters but shouldn’t be overlooked. Your pet acts differently after being spayed or neutered, depending on gender.  


Male Frenchie


French bulldog Temperament male vs female: In general, it is believed that female French Bulldogs are timid and that male French Bulldogs are more mischievous, lively, confident, and brave.


When the male French Bulldog puppy is neutered, its behavior might change for the better. First, remember training, practice, or getting the dog neutered can’t change the dog’s personality.  

Still, the owner may notice subtle changes in behavior, such as:  

  • After the process, most aggressive behavior is usually ruled out.  
  • Not humping is a common problem with young male Frenchie puppies.  
  • A dog with less energy might not be as interested in certain activities.  


Female Frenchie  


One could say that this procedure helps female puppies and their owners even more than it does male puppies. Most of the time, female French Bulldogs act better than male French Bulldogs.  


But sometimes, they have bad habits that can be fixed by getting them spayed. Let’s talk about some good changes that could result from this method:  


  • Less trouble with health Female Frenchie often has problems with their bladders, but this is easy to fix by getting them spayed.  
  •  Stability of temperament: Female Frenchie will continue to have erratic emotions until hormonal changes no longer affect them.  


Which One Is Better with Kids? Male Vs Female French Bulldog 


Not only are French bulldogs small and friendly, but they are also known for being one of the best dog breeds for families with young children.


French bulldog Temperament male vs female: In general, it is believed that female French Bulldogs are timid and that male French Bulldogs are more mischievous, lively, confident, and brave.


Another cool thing about French Bulldogs is that they were bred to be friendly with people of all ages. If you want to know the answer to the question “Which gender is better with kids?” you can find it here.  


Male French Bulldog  


People sometimes say that male dogs are like kids in how they act. In some ways, this makes sense since both have similar patterns of friendliness and energy. Kids love having male puppies because they can play tricks on each other.  


 If you want to get a male Frenchie, bringing the puppy used to being around young kids as soon as possible is essential. Early socialization with your children will help your pet get along better, and your dog will be less likely to get upset when one of the kids’ playfully teases it.  


Female French Bulldog  


 Even though both male and female puppies care about their young, females have a much stronger instinct to care for them. Even though female puppies may not be as active as their male counterparts, they rarely play in a way that causes an accident.  


 Even though the female dog will want to protect your child once they become friends, you should still keep a close eye on them when they first meet. Teach your child how to approach the dog gently without making sudden moves that could scare the animal.  




The Frenchie is a terrific companion if you’re looking for a dog that’s happy to be close to its family. It’s very loyal and highly devoted to its favorite humans – ensure you are worthy of its love before adopting this breed! Regal and endearing, the French Bulldog is one of the more affectionate dog breeds.


It gets along well with children and loves to snuggle, play, and go on adventures with them. Also, very protective; it knows when something or someone is a threat. Just don’t expect it to be much of a guard dog – though it might bark at suspicious noises, it will happily wag its tail at anyone who makes an effort to pet it.


FAQs About Temperament of The Frenchie – Differences Between Male and Female

Are female Frenchie calmer than males?


Most of the time, female French Bulldogs are friendlier and calmer than males. The odds of them wanting to play are low. Even though both male and female Frenchie are friendly, the females are often thought to be more gentle and kind. Still, some females, especially those who haven’t been spayed, may have mood swings. 


Is it better to get a girl or boy French Bulldog?


It is often assumed that male Frenchie are more wicked, energetic, self-assured, and adventurous than girl Frenchie, who are seen to be more quiet and laid back. As a result, many people assume that female dogs are far easier to train and housebreak than male dogs. Females are also regarded to be great snugglers with a lot of affection. 


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