Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide

Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide

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Are you considering bringing home an English Bulldog puppy? And eager to know Are English Bulldogs good house dogs? Although they make excellent pets for families, there are some health issues to consider. Learn everything there is to know about the breed, from how long they live to how much a puppy of that breed will set you back. Is English Bulldog good for first time owners?


A worldwide icon, the English Bulldog needs no introduction. These canines stand out in the dog park with their short, stocky builds and jowly, wrinkled faces. As a result, the American Kennel Club reports that bulldogs are the fourth most popular dog breed overall. The American Kennel Club places this breed in the category of non-sporting dogs.


Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide


They are relatively low-maintenance pets that need only moderate care, such as regular brushing and walks. The English Bulldog’s affectionate, friendly, and patient nature only adds to its appeal as a family pet. A few problems are associated with this breed, but most can be handled by anyone, even those who have never owned a dog before. They can be challenging to train because of their stubborn nature.


This article provides a wealth of information about the breed, from its origins and characteristics to its potential temperamental flaws and medical problems. Is a bulldog the perfect dog breed for you? Explore this fascinating breed of flat-faced dogs!


English Bulldog Original Purpose and History


Bulldogs are believed to have originated in 13th century England for the “sport” of bullbaiting. Because of their selective breeding for the canine combat sport, these dogs were likely much larger and heavier than their modern relatives and possessed a more aggressive temperament.


To prevent further cruelty to animals, bullbaiting was outlawed in 1835. Nonetheless, the Bulldog kept being used in underground gambling dens where pit-dog fighting events were held.

Breeds like the bull terrier and pit bull terrier descended from the Bulldog by crossing it with other terriers to create the ideal fighting dog.


The breed we know today can be traced back to 1886 when they had become much more like the modern version. Because of their smaller size, milder temperaments, and general ease around people, these dogs quickly gained popularity as household pets. Because of his striking resemblance to Winston Churchill, England’s Prime Minister during World War II, the Bulldog, with his Churchillian features, was adopted as the national symbol of England.


What is an English Bulldogs Temperament


A well-bred English Bulldog makes a wonderful addition to any home. They get along great with children and other pets with the proper early socialization. If you have cats in your home, you should know that they have a slightly higher prey drive and work to correct unwanted behaviors as soon as possible.


The English Bulldog is a very self-reliant breed. They can be challenging to train due to their stubborn nature. They respond very well to rewards, so using food as a bribe is a viable strategy. Some dogs may be more prone to separation anxiety than others. As a result, it’s incumbent upon you to make the house a safe place, so they don’t need to flee.


In times of stress or boredom, English Bulldogs are well known for their ability to “escape,” They may try to do so by finding a way to leave the house. As a result of their bulk, they can easily breach unprotected fences and other barriers.


In sum, the English Bulldog has the potential to be a wonderful pet for any household. If they get enough exercise, they’ll be more of a couch potato than an active dog. They are more likely to curl up on your lap than to run around and play fetch, and they will look out for the safety of your kids.


What is a English Bulldogs Appearance?


Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide


An adult male English Bulldog can easily reach 60+ pounds in weight. A typical female body weight is 40 pounds. In adulthood, both sexes reach a height of about 15 inches at the shoulder. The French Bulldog is smaller than the English Bulldog, so it may be a good choice if your family will enjoy having a smaller dog.


Remember that these dogs are hefty. They have a stout physique despite their diminutive stature. You must be ready to deal with a fiercely independent breed and surprisingly powerful breed for its small size.


Smaller and flatter than other dog breeds, the English Bulldog’s muzzle is its most distinguishing feature. They are a Brachycephalic Dog Breed, and if their health isn’t closely monitored, they could develop serious issues. Some English Bulldogs have underbite conditions, which causes their lower jaw and teeth to protrude more than the upper jawline.


What Coat Colors do English Bulldogs Have?


Their coat is short and doesn’t shed much. Since English Bulldogs are single coated, their shedding is consistent throughout the year. Costs associated with grooming should be stable because they don’t shed as much as other breeds.


English Bulldogs come in various coat colors, from white to brindle to Piebald to fawn and even red. All English Bulldogs typically have a spotted coat in which multiple colors appear simultaneously.


Bulldogs aren’t like other dogs because they don’t require much exercise. They enjoy playing sports like flyball and agility, at which they often excel. The typical Bulldog isn’t made for speed, though, and would be perfectly content with a stroll through the park twice a day and some gentle toy play in the backyard.

If you want a kennel-happy dog, look elsewhere. When it gets too hot, the Bulldog can quickly overheat and die. Your Bulldog needs to spend all of its time indoors with you, so make sure to provide it with a soft bed and turn on the air conditioning when it gets warm.


Ensure your Bulldog stays away from water bodies in your backyard, such as a swimming pool or pond. The combination of a bulldog’s massive skull, stocky body, and short legs makes swimming an extremely challenging task.


Is English Bulldog Easy to Train?


Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide


While this breed is intelligent, he can be stubborn and challenging to train for even simple tricks. This is because these puppies would rather explore their interests than obey their masters. Your bulldog puppy may need to be more polite or respectful of dogs. Still, early socialization and obedience training can help them mature into a well-mannered adult. It would be best if you didn’t let a little guy like a bulldog, who is known for being stubborn, pick up any bad routines.


The Bulldog puppy stage is the best time to begin training your dog to walk on a harness, as this breed has a natural tendency to pull. Do you plan to crate train him? The English Bulldog breed is known for its obstinate nature. As a result, crate training your English Bulldog can be more challenging than leash training them to walk on a leash. To prevent your English Bulldog from escaping, you’ll need a dog crate that is both large enough to accommodate them and secure enough to prevent any escape attempts.


Does English Bulldogs Have Health Problems?


Although bulldogs appear full of personality, their physical build can put them at risk for several health issues. The Bulldog, along with other flat-faced dog breeds, is brachycephalic. Brachycephalic dogs, like bulldogs, have a narrowed upper airway that makes it difficult for them to breathe, particularly in hot weather or during strenuous exercise. Bulldogs frequently experience other types of health issues, such as:

Pain in the Joints


Diseases of the skin

Disorders of the eye include cherry eye, inverted eyelids, dry eye, and cataracts.

Sensitivities of the skin

Urinary calculi


You can protect yourself from these unexpected expenses by purchasing pet insurance for your English Bulldog. As a result of their large frames and flat faces, Bulldogs are highly vulnerable to heatstroke. Because of this, you shouldn’t get one as a pet if you live where summers get extremely hot and humid.


Although some Bulldogs do well in competitive dog sports like flyball and agility, many get only a moderate amount of physical activity. It’s okay if you do that, but don’t overfeed your Bulldog. Dogs with preexisting health conditions may experience further complications if they gain excess weight.


Nutrition for English Bulldogs


Bulldogs can do well with any high-quality dog food when fed in moderation. To determine the appropriate feeding amount for your Bulldog, refer to the labeling provided by the manufacturer. If you need help with what to feed your big dog friend, it’s best to get a vet’s opinion.


It’s estimated that an English Bulldog will go through between 2.5 and 3.5 cups of dog food daily. The breed isn’t known for controlling its hunger, so you’ll need to feed your dog several times a day. This rules out free feeding your dog like you would with most others. In addition to causing obesity, free feeding an English Bulldog can have adverse health effects. These canines are prone to rapid weight gain, which shortens their life expectancy and is terrible for their health.


Do English Bulldogs Need to be Groomed?


Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide


It would help if you regularly bathed your English Bulldog and completely dry them between their skin folds. But You won’t have to bathe your Bulldog as often as other breeds because they don’t tend to have a strong dog smell.


The Bulldog is an easy-care breed because it doesn’t require frequent brushing. Your Bulldog’s coat must only be brushed gently with a soft bristle brush a few times weekly to keep it looking healthy and shiny. During the warmer months of spring and fall, your dog will shed more hair and require more frequent brushing.


Your Bulldog’s wrinkled face requires special attention during grooming. The wrinkles on your Bulldog must be cleaned at least twice a week, if not more frequently. All you need is a soft, damp cloth. After washing, pat the wrinkles dry to prevent further damage. Bacteria can thrive in the moist environments created by skin folds and eventually cause an infection.



The American Kennel Club’s website is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a purebred Bulldog puppy. The majority of the United States is covered, and the breeders listed here are all reputable and licensed.


You can find information on reputable Bulldog breeders by visiting the Bulldog Club of America website. If you’re looking for a dog for more than just the show ring, finding one whose parents competed in sports like agility is a good idea.


Request to meet the puppy’s parents and other siblings from the breeder. That should give you an accurate picture of the puppies’ eventual personality. And to further assure you that your puppy will be healthy and free from congenital disabilities, the breeder should be willing to show you health screening certificates for their breeding dogs.


Puppies of the Bulldog breed range in price depending on many factors, the breeder’s location, gender of the puppy, and if his parents have won any awards. Nowadays, you can find English Bulldog puppies for anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000.


Why do the English Bulldog Puppies Cost So Much?


The Bulldog’s body structure makes natural childbirth challenging and risky for the mother. Puppy Bulldogs are therefore delivered by cesarean section. This results in high costs for breeders to treat their animals, and some expenses are passed on to buyers. The breeder also incurs additional costs for numerous health tests and screenings due to the prevalence of multiple congenital health issues.


Avoid buying a Bulldog puppy for less than $1,500. Usually, puppy mills are where cheap puppies come from.


Rescues & Shelters


Rescue centers and shelters across the United States are home to many unwanted Bulldogs and mixes, and if you’re comfortable adopting an adult dog, this could be the perfect place to look for your new best friend.


The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network is a great place to start your search and make some helpful connections with rescue centers across the country. You can also look for a bulldog on the website


You should expect to make a financial contribution to the dog rescue organization when you adopt one of their dogs. In addition, before allowing you to adopt a dog from their facility, most shelters and rescue organizations will require a home visit to ensure the environment is suitable for a dog. Some organizations allow you to “try before you buy,” allowing you to see if the dog is a good fit for your family before committing to an adoption.


Although most shelters will evaluate each dog to ensure a good temperament, the Bulldog you choose probably won’t come with any health screening paperwork, so you’ll want to take him to the vet immediately. A wide variety of unique Bulldog mixes can be found in shelters and may be available for adoption.

Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs?


Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs? A Complete Guide


If you’re looking for a dog to bring into your home, is the English Bulldog the best option? If you’re thinking about getting a dog into your home, you should read this quick rundown of some key considerations about the breed.


  • They are friendly and get along well with others, including children and other animals.
  • They bark very infrequently.
  • The exercise requirements of a bulldog are relatively low.
  • Different breeds suit your active lifestyle better.
  • The English Bulldog breed is known for its obstinate nature.
  • Taking your Bulldog to obedience school is an investment of your time.
  • If you live in a warm climate, you should look elsewhere for a dog because Bulldogs cannot handle the heat.
  • Bulldogs are fearless and effective guard dogs.
  • A bulldog will only need a little room or outdoor space, so don’t worry if you live in an apartment or a modest home.
  • Their breathing sounds like wheezing and snoring. In addition, they are droolers as well.
  • Bulldogs are low-maintenance pets because of their moderate shedding.
  • To avoid skin infections, you’ll need to clean their wrinkles carefully.
  • The average lifespan of an English Bulldog is much lower than that of other dog breeds.
  • They are known to have several health problems.


Final Thoughts on Are English Bulldogs Good House Dogs?


A Bulldog could be the best dog for you if you want a steady, quiet companion who doesn’t require a lot of exercise, doesn’t shed much and is loyal and devoted.


Although Bulldogs make lovely family pets but are prone to many health problems and have a relatively short lifespan compared to other dog breeds. They have a mind of their own and aren’t the easiest dogs to train.


Well-bred Bulldog puppies can cost as much as $20,000, so if you find one for sale for much less, it’s best to assume he comes from a puppy mill. Consider adopting an adult Bulldog from a rescue center or shelter if you don’t want the responsibility of raising a puppy. This is the first step in finding your soul mate.



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